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Life has become easier now that we have everything on our fingertips. Might you need a cab? Book a ride on Ola or Uber, the ride will reach you without you having to worry about any extra issues. The on-demand service apps have pampered us so much that we almost feel like it has been with us since Big Bang. We have been looking at numerous services that have only pleased us. The comfort factor is rigid, as well as the fact that you can make a lot of profit from on-demand service apps. We at Vyrazu Labs indeed make you familiar with all the services that are active right now.

As you might know, this is the second blog about on-demand service apps that will give you a fair amount of ideas on how these services have spread like wildfire. In the previous blog, we had discussed the service vehicles, users of which move from Point A to Point B on the same day. In this blog, we will discuss the services providers moving from Point A to Point B on the same day. You might know there are several services that work as a delivery company for providing us with different types of goods. 

The services that bring food, beverages, rental cars, etc are the services that will be explored in this blog. These types of apps need to find our location to deliver the item/product we had ordered for. The specialty of these apps is you get your product on time. This means that when you purchase/rent goods from these services you are able to see the estimated time in which it is going to reach you and so it does.  

The division of on-demand service apps dealing with delivery  

How often do you visit the market unless it is an emergency? Almost never, when we can get the items/products delivered to us right at where we are why should we stress ourselves. The main reason for turning to these on-demand service apps is that we don’t want to spend our valuable time doing the boring job and standing in long queues.

What we really want is to save that time and utilize it to spend it with our family or doing what we love. The abundance of such apps has made it very clear that we can do anything we want still our boring yet important jobs will be done by someone.  

Here is the list of a few service apps that help us in our day to day lives.

Car Rentals

When you have to visit a location, have a meeting, go on an outing, etc that is when you feel the need for a rental car. Many of us stay away from our native homes for our jobs while leaving our vehicles back home. It is sad when you can drive and you want to why book a cab when you have the option of renting a self-driven car. Check out the list of car best rental apps in India.  

  1. Revv App

    Rental services in India have boosted with such services who provide you with hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly based rental cars. From Revv you will also be able to purchase cars and select from SUVs, ultra-luxury cars, hatchbacks, and sedans. This app gives you options such as Ford Ecosport, Honda City, Nissan Sunny, Ford Aspire, Mahindra XUV, Toyota Innova Crysta, and many more such choices. The eyebrow-raising fact about this app is you can get your car delivered and picked from different cities if you want. It also provides you with airport car rentals and self-driven wedding rentals.  

    Image Credit- Google Play

  2. ZoomCar

    ZoomCar is one of the famous personal rental apps, it is sugar-coated with various offers to choose from. When you select this application you will be able to choose from three different sections of cars with a few kilometers free. Like if you choose ZoomLite you will get 5 free km, Zoom Classic will offer you 10 free km, and Zoom XL will provide you with 15 free km. This is determined by looking upon the usage of the car. You can choose from hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and luxury cars. This app will also provide you with an airport rental service.

  3. Drivezy 

    Drivezy is one of the rental services in India that provides you with luxury class cars, bikes, and scooters for a convenient drive. You will be able to choose your drop and pick up location and if you are a first time user you will get a 10% discount on your first ride. 

  4. Rentalcars.com  

    This personal rental app provides you to choose from many other rental service providers like Ace, Budget, Caldera, Caro, Firefly, Movida, Hertz, Target, Thrifty, and many more. The only catch of this app is that you will have to drop and pick up your car from the same location. This app provides you with daily and monthly rentals with different types of rides from drivers below the age of 21, under 25 and above 70 years of age. 

  5. Vroom Drive 

    When you need a car rental you will be able to book it three and a half hours before your scheduled rides. This on-demand rental service in India provides you with hatchbacks, SUVs, and sedans for your convenience. 

    Capture 1
    Image Credit- Google Play

  6. Myles

    This car rental service provides you with 38 models of car to select from and you can hire for an hour, day, week or month. This application offers you to move around 21 cities and offers 250+ pick up locations. 

Bike Rentals 

So, you are going on a short trip with your friends, going on a date, going somewhere you can’t be late for, etc will car for a bike rental service. There are many reputed apps that provide this service and to your very surprise, they don’t cost much. All these apps have their own unique features to amaze you with.

  1. ONN Bikes

    These rental services app provide rental bikes starting from 100cc, this service can be availed from 7 in the morning till 11 at night.  

  2. Wheelstreet  

    This rental service in India provides different bikes while you will be able to choose the duration of your ride. Wheelstreet rental service allows you to rent bikes at an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis for unlimited distance. When you rent your drive from this app you also receive a complimentary helmet(s). You can choose from a wide range of two-wheelers and travel your preferred distance. 

    Capture 2
    Image Credit- Google Play

  3. Vogo  

    This on-demand rental service in India helps you rent keyless scooters for your preferred destination and duration. With Vogo you will get economical rides that are well-maintained and have good accessibility to products.    

  4. Bounce

    Bounce provides you with scooters at a zero deposit rate. This rental service in India provides complimentary helmets in the scooter’s trunk. These scooters can be both keyless and dockless as well as with keys. It depends on your travel if you travel for a short distance then you will get a keyless scooter and for a long ride, you will get a scooter with keys. You can choose from a range of rides like Honda Activa, Honda Dio, Suzuki Lets, Honda Navi, etc. 
  5. Wicked Ride

    Wicked Ride is one of the best rental app in India that lets you rent bikes ranging from ThunderBird, Desert Storm, KTM Duke, Benelli, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Ninja, Kawasaki, and more. You can also rent riding gears like Rynox and DSG’s jackets and gloves. This app is also responsible for hosting expeditions in different geographical locations. 

    Image Credit- Google Play

  6. Ontrack  

    Ontrack is one of the personal rental app service in India that provides you with scooters. You can pick your location for pick up and choose from a long list of options. This app will provide you with Honda Activa, Honda Navi, Honda Dio, Bajaj CT 100, TVS Jupiter, Aprilia, Honda CB Hornet, etc. This app provides you with a monthly basis rental system. It also lets you change your ride if you are bored riding the same. This app will also send you reminders for renewing your subscription.

Food Delivery 

It has become our habit, when we are hungry we order online. In this age when time is limited and each second has to be utilized properly. We can’t wait in long queues for getting our food, rather we can make it delivered to our desired location. I am sure you know more food apps than I can mention here still, a man has to try, right? Here is the list of apps dedicated to food delivery.   

  1. Zomato

    Zomato is one of the best food delivery app that not only provides you with a list of restaurants to order from but also offers to book tables at various restaurants. Like all the other food delivery apps, you will be able to see the reviews and ratings in this app so that you can depend on that to order your food. 

  2. Swiggy

    This is one of the cheapest delivery applications is one of the most famous applications in India. With this application, you will be able to order food and track your order. With this app, you will be able to order food availing the exciting discounts and offers they provide. You can also see the reviews and ratings of each and every restaurant determining which one to choose. 

  3. FoodPanda

    FoodPanda is one of the very first food delivery services that was released in India. This app provides you with a list of restaurants from which you can choose looking at the reviews and ratings they got. Even in this app, you will be able to track your order and access discounts.

    Image Credit- Google Play

  4. Deliveroo

    This food delivery service provides you with a list of restaurants just like the other apps. You can choose from the list of items that you want to consume later track the order while they approach your doorstep.

  5. Bingy

    Bingy offers you a list of restaurants covering almost all food types. You will be able to see the ratings and reviews as well as track your order. The catch about this app is that it will not ask you for a delivery charge or any hidden charges for the delivery. This delivery application is one of the easiest for ordering food.

    Image Credit- Google Play

  6. Aahaar India

    This app provides you with a range of food and beverages, from all the restaurants it has its ties with. Ashhar India makes sure that they update their app details regularly so that you don’t miss out on the important updates.

Household Tasks 

Previously, we had to put in real effort to find household taskers. Now, anything that you need to be done in your house is just a click away. You will just have to download an app that will show you the list of tasks that they assign to their associates. This is indeed an interesting process of finding household helpers without putting in any effort. I have to admit that this is a very convenient way to get your work done. Check out the apps that will help you do the same.  

  1. UrbanClap

    Most of you already might have UrbanClap planted in your phones, did you know the wide range of services it provides? Well starting from beauty and wellness, yoga and fitness trainers, deep cleaners, home projects, repair workers to movers and packers they have everything that you can think of. This is one of the oldest on-demand services apps in India that has paved its way to the common crowd and made a small place for it in their phones.

    Image Credit- Google Play

  2. HouseJoy

    This provides you with a huge range of services like construction service, renovation, interior, home cleaning, salon, appliance repair and home service like painting, pest control, plumbing, carpentry, massage for men, movers, and packers along with many other services. This will provide you with professionals who will get your difficult tasks done in no time. 

  3. Mr. Right

    Mr. Right will bring you the joy of getting work done quickly with its wide range of services. It offers you, carpenters, plumbers, pest control, electricians, car wash, mobile, and computer repair, appliance repair, home, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning, RO water purifier AMC and repair, CCTV installation and repair, TV repairs, laundry, shoe repair, handbag repair, etc. Well, there is a saying from stitching shoes to reading hymns they do it all. 

    Image Credit- Google Play

  4. Doorstep Services  

    This on-demand service application provides you with a range of activities such as home services, expert professionals, trusted professionals, transparent and affordable pricing and policies that are convenient for booking.   

  5. JOBOY

    Joboy is an interesting set of services they provide you with various home maintenance services, cleaning services, home appliance repair options, health and beauty services, lifestyle services like cake, flower, gifts delivery, business services like private investigation, packer and movers, app and website development and many other interesting services within this topic heads. 

  6. A to Z services  

    This services app provides you with application repair and services, plumbing, electricians, cleaning services, carpentry, pest control, interiors, painting, beauty services, and multi-brand service centers.  

On-demand Laundry

We have a busy life and the heap of dirty clothes keep on increasing. Washing, drying, and folding is not fun anymore! Can someone do it for me? Of course! There are ample apps that are just here to take care of your laundry. When you are too busy to do it yourself just rely on the people who claim to do it with utmost care that you are unable to show. Check out the laundry app that will help you time and again. 

  1. DhobiLite

    When you install this laundry service app you will select a date, slot and schedule your wash then safely pay using online payment gateways rest, assured they will keep your clothes and drop it when they are done.

  2. HelloWash

    HelloWash is an app that will provide you with pick up in less than 2 hours and make sure that your clothes are properly washed, dried and folded when you receive it back.   

  3. BookMyWash

    This online laundry service app will provide you with a free pick up and delivery system. BookMyWash provides you with washed and ironed clothes at a very low price. The best thing about this app is that you will be able to track your order till the entire process is over and you get your clothes back neatly folded. 

    Image Credit- Google Play

  4. eLaundry

    This laundry service app will provide you with laundry and dry cleaning. You will also be able to check your order status as you place an order and till the clothes come home.

  5. Dhobiwala

    Dhobiwala is the app that will assure you with steam ironing, starching, stain removal, minor alterations, laundry, and dry cleaning. It makes sure that if you send your soft toys over for washing, good care is taken and returned good as new. 

    Image Credit- Google Play

  6. The Laundry Basket

    This online laundry services app helps you to send your clothes off for washing, drying, and folding. The Laundry Basket will also perform steam ironing, dry cleaning, and shoe cleaning. You can be assured that it will go through a hygienic wash while you will also be given attractive packages when your washed clothes are back. The best thing about this app is that you will be able to track your wash the entire time it is away. 

Packing and Moving Services  

When you plan to change your address, the first thing that comes to our mind is how we will carry our goods and furniture. The packing and moving services will help you to shift without hassles. You won’t have to start a search in your locality for a track owner who will rent you their track.

I mean it is a long process and you won’t even be able to claim against any object defect or missing, you are not among the ones who will make them sign a contract right. Even though these apps seem safe, be careful when you trust these services. Here are the apps that will help you to safely move all your items.

  1. Packerswala 

    This package delivery app will provide you with local, domestic, and international shifting. This app will allow you to track your goods when you are taking them abroad. This app provides home and office shifting, packing and delivering to the optimum location.  

  2. VeeduShifting.com

    With this courier delivery app, you will be able to choose your pick up and drop locations and a few other information. With this app, you will be able to only carry forward a household shifting process. 

    Image Credit- Google Play

  3. PMDIR  

    PMDIR will help you shift your house, office, vehicle, commercial good from one location to another. It also provides you with vehicle, commercial and international relocation. It also provides car carrier services. The best thing about this app is that you will be able to track your goods then it is on the move. 

  4. Shift Karado

    This goods delivery app helps you with shifting household goods. It will also help you with packing, unpacking and equip you with express moving services. You can avail these services from anywhere in India. 

    shift karado
    Image Credit- Google Play

  5. City Express Movers and Packers 

    City Express Movers and Packers will help relocate your office, international, domestic, automobile, and pets. With this on-demand app, you will be able to move your company, fine art, and exhibition, etc. Not only that you will also get transportation, ODC transportation, car carrier, warehouse solutions, record and information management, storage services, infrastructure, storage solutions, and supply chains. This service will provide you with air and sea transportations as well.

  6. Packers and Movers Booking App

    With this package delivery apps, you will be able to go through home relocation, packing and unpacking items, corporate relocation, car and bike carrier services, pet relocation, plant relocation, loading and unloading, insurance and warehouse solutions.   

Benefits of on-demand services

There are many benefits of on-demand services apps, you can be assured that you will be delivered on time. Nowadays that everything has become mobile and everyone is using online service apps for comfort living. When it comes to developing such an app, you needn’t have to look back. I am not saying that as soon as you make the app you will be flooded with money. What I am saying is if you follow the right measures you might end up making billions from your on-demand service business. 

Many people are still looking for unique approaches to on-demand service apps. There are so many different ways in which you can make better apps than the ones which already exist. You just have to look at the entire development concept from a different angle. The benefits of building online service apps are that you will be able to make a good load of money once your audience is singing the same tune that you are. 

So, what we plan to do is discuss some of the benefits that will be bestowed upon you after the development process is over.

  1. It will bring simplicity

    When you develop the app it will, of course, be easy to use, hence your customers will use the app. But what will make your customers love your app is the simple UI that will help them to navigate the app. The customers you will put their faith in you will be able to buy products directly from your app without a middle man. You will be able to take your business to the next level if you already have an offline business.

  2. Employs flexibility and scalability

    When it comes to online service apps it makes a direct passage for grabbing the attention of a huge amount of audience. There is also a chance that you will be able to make a loyal customer base, by making your app initially free then imposing premium features(everyone does that). With an on-demand service app, you will be able to represent your business in a robust app evenly loaded with features and functions. Not only that you will be able to manage your growing needs and address your customer needs at the same time.

  3. Cost Reduction

    An on-demand service app will help cut overhead costs by managing the extra cost. This app will work as a simple promotional tool with which you can show off your new products and offers. The customers of offline stores most likely forget the very name of the store, but when it is on your phone there is a chance of word of mouth. It will be easy to run promotional activities at a very low cost. Isn’t it entertaining? To think about a way that will both save you money as well making you a better profit than that you were making.


I hope this article helped you understand the on-demand service apps, service providers of which move from Point A to Point B. If you found I have missed out on anything feel free to leave a comment or feedback. If you are truly interested in making the development of service apps contact us.

We are one of the leading software development companies based in India who have been dealing with such developments for years. It is our general practice to develop apps that will help your offline business land into an online service app. We will also make sure that you don’t have any problem setting up your business if you need business consultancy. 

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA