Is it wise to use Online Website Builders for your website, or should you hire professionals?

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online website builders for your website

When you need to build a website of your own, for your organisation, you actually have a lot of choices. Apart from hiring a Web Designing firm to do the job for you, you do have the option of using one of the many available online website builders for your website which don’t cost a single penny! You don’t even have to know anything about the mechanics of HTML, coding, or content management systems!

But the main question here is, is it really a good alternative? How good are these do-it-yourself services? And would they be able to build a website that matches up to your expectations? Let’s take a more detailed look at that.

online website builders for your website, for example, Weebly, Doodlekit, and Yola, to name a few, are usually called WYSIWYG, an unpronounceable acronym which stands for “What You See Is What You Get.” Using these editors, you can build and edit a website while viewing it exactly as it appears, using basic drag-and-drop features and text-editing tools.

But like that saying, “All that glitters is not Gold”, just because it’s free and easy to use, doesn’t mean you SHOULD use it! Wanna know why?

1. Your website will likely be really slow

With only a limited number of features and a set of pre-built settings in the online website builders for your website, you can be absolutely sure that your site is going to be pretty slow to load. The reason behind this is that these automated DIY website building tools can never match up to the results achieved when an actual web designer sits down and painstakingly tests each and every aspect of your website, making changes wherever needed, in order to get the maximum out of it! The result is that the manually designed website will always be faster, sleeker, and perform to the very best of your expectations, and until it does, you won’t be simply handed a sloppy website that was built just because it had to be built.

2. Your website will have no unique identity of its own

This isn’t even a surprise, as these DIY online website builders for your website use pre-built templates and layouts, which are used by each and everyone else who uses their services as well! Sure, they might have a lot of different options, but that cannot guarantee its uniqueness, as, sooner or later, you’re going to find that someone or the other has the same kind of page heading, or image layout, as you have, with the content being the only difference. Wouldn’t it be a lot better if it was built entirely from scratch, keeping in mind your needs and requirements, and customised exactly the way you wanted it?

3. Your website will be full of unwanted ads

Almost 9 times out of 10, these free online online website builders for your website depend on ads for their revenue. Though completely understandable, this is a huge no-no for your own professional website. Nobody likes ads, unless they’re of their own brand or product. So you definitely don’t want your website’s pages cluttered with pesky, annoying ads that will most certainly drive any potential clients away, simply out of irritation. This is where a professional web designer will prove to be a boon for you, as the website they build for you will be made to your own specifications, and will not have anything on it that you don’t want.

4. Your website’s domain will not be switchable

When you build your website using these free online online website builders for your website, they will obviously be created on their domain, and the option of switching to a different domain is usually lacking in most of them. This is a huge problem, as later on you certainly might want a website of your own, with its own domain. Once your company or brand has expanded, and become large enough, it is going to be extremely embarrassing for your own company’s website to be on another’s domain. At that point, you might not even be able to buy a domain and switch to it, and end up having to hire a professional web designer, after all, to build it from scratch.

5. Your website will not have the ability to compete with others

When it comes down to it, a website is also an investment. You aren’t just having one made for you, just for your fancy, you need it so that it can promote your brand, and gather customers and revenue. So if you cheap out on it, you can be sure that your competitors are going to have a huge advantage on you.

With a completely customised, streamlined website that caters to your exact needs, your products, and has the feel of the kind of company that you are, you would have a much greater chance of impressing and attracting more and more customers than by using online website builders for your website.

This flexibility and personal touch can only be achieved when it’s made by a professional web designer who understands your brand, your requirements, and what your company stands for. Otherwise, with a website that’s built using these tools is inevitably going to end up lost in the vast sea of generic websites, similar to your own.

So ultimately, it’s you who has to decide which option to opt for. If you’re just looking for a basic internet presence, almost like a business card, so that clients can have a brief, vague idea about your product, without too many specific requirements, you could certainly opt to use any of these free website building tools. However, if you want a rich, customised and fast website that is specifically built to your requirements, and is designed to pull the maximum number of customers to it, and retain them at one go, you definitely need to hire an experienced web designer who’ll be able to do just that, and more!

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