Our software solutions will serve the purpose of your enterprise, a look at our proven track record till now

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We have been bespoke software solution developers of enterprises of different sizes and domains and have also been a relevant player in the area of software product development for organizations who follow the model of software development outsourcing or work via distributed teams. 
Our clients range from both at the domestic and international level, some of whom believed in the conventional mode of software development outsourcing while some were happy to forge long standing business relationships with us. Our approach has been consistent in both cases with the sole objective of coming up with customized solutions which took care of end-user requirements.

Areas of expertise:

Well, whether you come from the traditional school of software development outsourcing or work on a model of hiring a distributed workforce, it shall please you to know that our areas of expertise have undergone a massive expansion over the years.
We have successfully developed and installed client applications at the client site using softwares from the following platforms:

Additionally, we have developed solutions for the following areas of business:

You can connect with us by clicking on any of the services mentioned above and putting your request so that we can get back to you. 
Additionally, we have developed our own bouquet of software products which have been successfully implemented at organizations ( have a look at this blogpost ) who engaged us for their software development outsourcing needs. Also, there are a host of products developed by us which are available at Google Play and Apple Store. These stand as testimonies of our competence in product development as well as the level of skill of our developmental team members.

Our track record:

We have been able to cater to clients who have operations in different functional areas and belong to the SME category as well as large organizations. At the same time, some of them have been at the domestic level while a majority of them are at the international level. We have clients who have invested in us for their software development outsourcing needs and also we have been associated with organizations who have hired members of our development team for devising solutions for them at their workplace.


While developing customized software for you, we lay emphasis on the fact that we adhere strictly to the best project management practices for which we use Jira. For version control, we happen to rely on the Git repository and as we believe in transparent communication and regular weekly updates about the project status, the same is achieved through the usage of Slack and Skype. 

If it is such that you have got any requirement at your end which falls in the category of developing software solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us by filling up the details below. It is our assurance that we shall be complying with the highest standards which are associated with the software development process. Also, we shall be comfortable with your methodology if it falls in the category of software development outsourcing or hiring resources for your specific needs. 

Do share your feedback and we shall be glad to have your suggestions on topics which interest you, as that shall make the engagement more interactive.