Importance of Performance Review feature in Human Resource Management Software

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Performance management or performance review of employees is a very laborious task. Yet, you have to carry that out on a scheduled basis in order to monitor employee performance. You have surely come across situations where you have tried to motivate team members in setting their own personal goals which have contributed to the goals of the team. In this way you have been able to track individual progress which has been followed by reviews and fresh goal setting if necessary. 

Performance Review: 

Till some time back, many organisations used to conduct performance reviews on paper. In general, there are two main ways for managing talent:  

  1. Continuous performance management.
  2. Yearly appraisals.

The majority view is still in favour of annual appraisals where an employee’s performance review is held once a year and based on his / her performance future targets are identified. Continuous performance management is a process where the performance of an employee is regularly monitored to improve upon present performance.

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  • Each employee needs to know what is expected of him / her and how he / she can positively contribute to the organisational objectives.
  • Identify gaps in skill sets of employees and provide adequate training to meet job role expectations.
  • Aid in development of employees and give them scope to manage their careers within an organisation.
  • Recognising employees for their valuable contribution to an organisation helps in improving retention possibilities. Developing clear job descriptions and employee performance plans which includes the key result areas (KRA’s) and performance indicators.
  • Selection of right set of people by implementing an appropriate selection process.
  • Negotiating requirements and performance standards for measuring the outcome and overall productivity against the predefined benchmarks.
  • Providing continuous coaching and feedback during the period of delivery of performance.
  • Identifying the training and development needs by measuring the outcomes achieved against the set standards and implementing effective development programs for improvement.
  • Holding quarterly performance development discussions and evaluating employee performance on the basis of performance plans.
  • Designing effective compensation and reward systems for recognizing those employees who excel in their jobs by achieving the set standards in accordance with the performance plans or rather exceed the performance benchmarks.
  • Providing promotional / career development support and guidance to the employees.
  • Performing exit interviews of employees for understanding the cause of employee discontentment and thereafter exit from an organisation.

Advantages of Employee Appraisal System:
An employee appraisal system is a continuous process where objectives of employees are set, progress monitored, results evaluated and performers rewarded after conducting appraisals. This also helps in identifying resources whose performance is not upto expectations. They are put through performance improvement plans in order to better their productivity and be of constructive use to the organisation.   

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Performance Review and HR Management Software:
The ever widening reach of the HR Management Software has seen the Employee Appraisal system being made a part of the larger HR Management Software system. HR Management Software vendors have developed flexible systems to incorporate performance review processes in their tool. Performance programs are shared between an employee and his / her manager. These details are made available within the system so that both the employee and reporting manager can analyse and monitor the progress made by the employee.

The organisational goals and individual milestones defined for employees are tracked throughout the appraisal period through the system. The software has features which help in assessing employee performance with respect to the set goals. This helps in bringing transparency to the entire system as each employee knows what is expected of him and strives to better his / her performance. This in the long run helps in achieving and bettering organisational goals.   

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