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If you are involved in the area of e-commerce, you definitely are well aware of how important the sales figure is for the bottom line. Also, at the same time, your products should be such that they can entice your customers into buying them. Things that can help you in this direction are product design tools that can help you give the best shape and features to your product. 

What is Product design:

Product design concerns mainly with the association between products, systems, and the users of the system. It goes through an analytical process and relies on a problem-solving approach which in some manner improves the quality of life of the user and the interaction he has with the environment. The product design tools which are used in this process are known as product design tools and the professionals who are involved in the designing process are known as product designers. 

You must know that product designers do not work in isolation but with other professionals like engineers and marketers. Also, product design has many areas of application like tableware, jewelry, furniture, medical devices, etc. 

Process of product design: 

Well, the design process has many phases, which include sketching, prototyping. In general, the idea stems from a problem which says someone has experienced. Next comes the phase when efforts are made to develop a solution that addresses the problem. It is about creating an object which takes care of the solution. 

Professionals who are involved in product design, namely product designers through their sketches and drawings give shape to their ideas. In this process, they may also use 3D and software. Lastly, in order to fully test the designs, the product designers craft prototypes which are replicas of the product in mind where they perform the necessary testing procedures. 

They prefer to use various product design tools to offer you the best result. Let’s explore the best product design tools that Vyrazu Labs prefer to use

Best Product design tools 

1. product design tools: 3D Printers

3D Printing is the process by which you can make three dimensional solid objects in real life. The object is created using a phenomenon called additive processes. What happens in an additive process is that, an object takes shape after successive layers of the material are laid until the actual object is achieved. Each of these layers can be viewed as a thin slice of the horizontal cross-section of the ultimate object which is to be created. It is amongst the most effective product design tools. 

If you are aware of subtractive manufacturing, then 3D printing is the exact opposite. The main advantage of 3D printing is that you can produce complex functional shapes while using much less material than is used in traditional manufacturing methods. 

2. product design tools: Computer-Aided Design 

Computer-aided design ( CAD ) is a robust product design tool that uses computer technology to design a product and also document the process of designing. It also facilitates the manufacturing process by passing on detailed diagrams of product material and processes. It is very conveniently used to produce two dimensional or three-dimensional diagrams that can be rotated to be viewed from different angles. You can even have a look at how it looks from the inside. 

A step further down the line is CAGD, which means computer-aided geometric design. This concept is used to design geometric shapes for objects. 

3. product design tools: 3D animation software

If you happen to have digital products then this shall be a very important product design tool from your point of view. It uses computer graphics which make the objects look as if they are moving in a 3-dimensional space. Autodesk is an important player in this area and provides 3D animation software for most of today’s film and television projects. 

3D animation uses computer graphics to make objects look like they are moving in 3-dimensional space. Artists use 3D modeling software to build objects. Next comes rigging, a virtual representation of an object or character’s skeleton. Animators pose the rig at strategic points so it appears to move. Newer methods of animation involve motion capture, which records an actor’s live movements for digital animation. Autodesk provides 3D animation software that spans the 3D production pipeline for today’s demanding film, game and television projects.

4. product design tools: Design Software Ninja

This is a product design tool that allows you to allow your customer design, customize products such as shoes, t-shirts, apparel, letters, etc. This allows your customers to add text, images on the products, and also resize them if necessary.        

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5. product design tools: inkXE Shoe Design Software 

This is an ideal product design tool for those who are involved in the business of designing shoes. Additionally, you can customize the features exactly as per user requirement. Most importantly this is compatible with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento. There are functionalities that contain the basics and advanced functionalities for designing shoes and most importantly, the installation process is just effortless. 

6. product design tools: Matrix 

If you are in the jewelry industry then this is the software that should lie in the area of your interest. It is a highly popular tool that is used to design pieces of jewelry. The USP of this tool is that the interface looks to be made keeping the jewelers in mind. Also, it is made up of step by step leads that help you in your creative journey. 

7. product design tools: Photoshop 

You can use Photoshop as a product design tool if you are in the business of designing for watches. You can create a basic illustration, add light, shadow and use other effects to create a basic illustration. Then you can take it to Rhino where you can create a 3D product of the same. 

Well, by now you have a fair idea of the various product design tools which you can use for designing your products in a better way so as to attract customers. The only catch is that you need to select the tool which you need for designing your product as this is dependent on the type of product you want to sell. 

We have been a leader in the area of e-commerce application development, so if you happen to have any requirements in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts based at our developmental center shall drill down your specifications and develop solutions that are customized as per your needs. 

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