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Getting bored by reading content from different website and no fun? Coming from office and too much crowd in metro, All the day the old and same stories of what is happening in the world, yes this one is also good, but has someone ever told you that you need some refreshment. If not we are here for you. We present some curated fun stories just for you. We give you refreshment from your boring lifestyle and tries you to push you towards Your final destination for Humour, Rumour and all that is in between!


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Times have changed. You have got to keep up. Stories from your neighbourhood and from lands far far away, we believe it’s important to know it all. Thus, we bring to you the latest spicy celeb gossip, nerve-wrecking international news, inspirational travel tales and funny knick knacks too.

1. JokingRee keeps you updated with the latest scoop on social network. If it’s happening then we will bring it to you.

2. You get to know about what is happening internationally, nationally as well as in Mars.

3. And not just daily news, but the trending ones too.

4. Jokingree brings to you the most amazing stories from all over the world. Be it entertainment, humour, travel or lifestyle; we have it all.

Whether you find yourself bored in your day of work or want to quickly brush up on the day’s buzz, Jokingree is here to freshen you up. Download our app now and don’t forget to refresh often because we have so much for you to read!