Changing the way you upload images to social media platforms

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Getting the best shot for you next selfie is now easy with the new Soci-fy app. Now don’t wait for the cropping tool and other effects making since Soci-fy comes with all. Soci-fy comes is having over 20 total social media frames which gives you perfect shot for you next selfie. Soci-fy also comes with inbuilt picture editing tools, so you can edit your pictures right way.


Over 20 Social Media Image Types


Image Filter Effects


Custom Gallery


9 Social Media Platforms

Have you ever faced issues like cropping your picture when you are trying to upload it to any social media site?

Yes for sure, your best shots get cuts off, and you get only part of it. What if we say that you can now take pictures of the same size with the same size as any social media platform demands.

Just open the app and select any frame of your choice, whether you are trying to make a WhatsApp profile image or Facebook cover or trying to post an image on Instagram we have all the frames available for you.

Currently, we are supporting 31 leading social media application. Listed as

1) WhatsApp Profile Pic 2) Instagram Profile Pic

3) Instagram Post 4) Facebook Profile Pic

5) Facebook Cover 6) Facebook Post

7) Facebook App 8) Facebook Event Cover

9) Facebook Ads 10) Twitter Profile Pic

11) Twitter Post 12) Twitter Header

13) Google+ Profile Pic 14) Google+ Post

15) Google+ Photo 16) Google+ Cover Photo

17) Youtube Profile Pic 18) Youtube Thumbnail

19) Youtube Channel Art 20) LinkedIn Profile Pic

21) LinkedIn Post 22) LinkedIn Post Header

23) Linkedin Cover Photo 24) LinkedIn Story Photo

25) Pinterest Profile Pic 26) Pinterest Graphicsprecise and specific.

27) Pinterest Cover Photo 28) Tumbler Profile Pic

29) Tumbler Graphics 30) Tumbler Header

31) Tumbler Banner

Edit your click with our awesome photo editor tools and get the best out of your pics.

* Bring your captured images to life by adding 3D objects to it. You can now choose 3D objects from the collection, place it in your camera view, interact with it with easy multi-touch gesture and snap a picture with it.

* This update includes a whole new section for video recording, where you can record your videos and directly share it in social media without saving them.

* Transform your way of recording video by adding 3D objects in your videos very similar to the process of adding 3D objects in still images.

* Fixed problems that may cause the app to crash and performance improvements.