Lifestyle Laundry

Ideas to entertain, motivate and inspire with continuous helping busy people create more time for doing the things they love with the ones they love and same day pickup. 24-hour turnaround. 7 days a week.

 <span>Lifestyle Laundry</span>

About this Project

Your dirty clothes washed, dried and folded to perfection, delivered back smelling amazing and feeling oh-so-soft. We’ve got you covered! Become a Lifestyle Legend and say hello to free time. Don’t let life wash away. Do something awesome.

Are you in the midst of a busy week or just need a break from your chores? Let us lighten your load, send us your dirty duds! An ergonomically designed laundry tub will be brought to you by one of our trained expert Lifestyle Hunters upon placing your first order, it’s totes yours to keep for future orders. Tubs fit 2-3 x your average basket load, so there’s no skimping in size. Hey, got a special request? Throw that in too! Then all you need to do is fill it, schedule a pickup & drop off time, and most importantly create yourself some ‘you’ time, go do something awesome instead of dirty laundry! Get ready to lighten your load and send in the experts!Simply sign-up in the store on our kioses for our free laundry card using your credit card, debit card, EBT or dollar bills. Your laundry card will operate all of the machines in the store including soda and snack machines and video arcade.You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your vehicle. Pick your laundry up later—perfectly washed, folded and packaged! The result – your laundry dries faster! And you get to do the things you enjoy.

There it is. You see it: a laundry basket full of clothes. It’s not the best sight to see, especially when you have no time or motivation to wait around for a load of laundry to be finished, wait for it to dry, and then fold the clothes. This service is much like our WASH & FOLD option, but with a bonus…HASTA LA VISTA IRONING! Turf those ironing blues, send that time-consuming menace to the experts! The upside is, upon your first order one of our Lifestyle Hunters will bring you an ergonomically designed laundry tub and an eco-friendly garment bag that’s totes yours to keep for future orders. The downside? …there is no downside because once you schedule a pickup & drop off time your job is to create yourself some ‘you’ time, go do something awesome! We want to make your experience super easy, so if you have a special request, add that in too! We can’t wait to lighten your load! Become a Lifestyle Legend and say hello to free time! Don’t let life wash away. Do something awesome.

Lifestyle Laundry

Place an order now and have one of our Lifestyle Hunter’s picking up your dirty laundry.

Ciao for now ironing! If you can’t stand this time-mooch, then here’s an option for you! Upon your first order, we will bring you an eco-friendly garment bag, simply add your items to be ironed, and allow us to return your wares delicately ironed in 24 hours. Hello, legends! Hello, free time! Don’t let life wash away. Do something awesome.With a high skill, we are providing ironing services along with washing or separately also.

Is Ironing a chore that you hate to do? We are here to help you. We provide the steam Ironing services, which keeps your clothing crisp and wrinkle-free. Ironing is right at the top of many people’s lists of their most hated domestic chores and that’s fine by us! Lifestyle Laundry uses exclusive steam ironing technology in all its stores for steam ironing ensuring that the garments get the best treatment.