Misa Catalog

An application which helps you to create your own catalogs and share your own catalog so that people can make a purchase request.

<span>Misa Catalog</span>

About this Project

Misa comes with a tremendous design and an extraordinary look for your B2B application, and your customers will love it. Changing the theme of Misa is very simple but it requires a bit of programming knowledge.

Online catalogs can become an excellent way to attract new clients and get more orders. Share the link to your new collection on social media or send out a catalog with exclusive deal via email.Take full control over your catalogs by hosting them on your own server. You’ll be able to export the catalog files or upload them to an FTP server without leaving the software. You don’t have to have a website or server. Publish, manage, and update all of your catalogs by yourself, without doing any coding. A winning catalog making solution must first be informal, which will satisfy your customers, whether they are business or consumers. Anything in an all-in-one solution for you to create online fantastic and engaging product catalog to take your business to a new height. An online e-commerce catalog can be mass rolled out on the internet so that more customers will reach your product catalogs. The online digital catalog also can be embedded into your own business website easily. Building brand awareness means getting exposure for your brand and making sure it is widely recognized by your target audience.

Social Share is a vitally important part of the business promotion as it will help to build traffic to a website and achieve further marketing performance and sales goals. Product catalogs created by any file can be shared on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Plus etc. It will not only give you credibility with people as well as more traffic but also increase inbound links which will increase your page rank, build the most beautiful and wonderful catalog applications in a straightforward manner running on iPad, iPhone/iPod or Android mobile devices with no fear of any programming knowledge and provides you the most comprehensive online portal to keep your catalog always up-to-date. Customization is the lubricant for your business. The language barrier could always be eliminated as we care the customer relationship in between clients.It enables you to present your products in different angles and views.offers you the offline access mode for easy communication. it’s really cumbersome to get catalogs printed every other day and sending them to all channel partners to update them about changes and get Get Quote Request & Avoid Delays.

Misa Catalog

Maximise the exposure of your products and generate orders from your fully created catalog.

Showcase your products with a modern style on your tablet device, no need to carry bulky paper catalogs and give your customers an enterprise application ready for download at iTunes.

Select and choose a best-suited layout and relevant theme for your app. Place your order with a single touch, view product details, get an easy quote, add to cart and generate order invoice for the customer.