A company that solves problems and makes life better for everyone.It can save people money, create new jobs and give people greater flexibility and control over their moves.

<span>SHARE YOUR MOVE</span>

About this Project

Through our innovative IT solutions, we provide tens of millions of Americans the 3rd option in an industry that relies almost exclusively on two commercial solutions, moving companies, and truck rentals.

The inspiration for happened five years earlier when a group of professional friends were part of a company layoff in St Petersburg, FL. Luckily, all recruited by another company up in Arlington, VA… minutes from DC. Since all moving to the same place, they got together one night and talked about renting a moving truck and sharing the cost. That decision saved each of them 100’s of dollars on the move. Fast forward five years later… We decided to move back to Florida, so, I started searching for the best quote from truck rental and moving companies in the area. After two weeks, the lowest quote was much higher than they paid coming up. I then decided to go online and look for other mover’s going to Florida to help share the cost of their move. After searching online, I realized there were no centralized platforms for movers… which meant millions of movers were stuck with the higher prices of truck rentals and moving companies. Secure your money saving deal with a single click and check movers off your “to do” list. Sit back and enjoy the process of reviewing multiple bids before selecting the winner.

If you want your items picked up and delivered, simply register and complete the simple steps for listing your items. Once your items are listed, you will have the opportunity to quickly and easily review the bids provided by drivers willing to move your items. Isn’t it nice to have others scrambling to give you the best price for a change? Once you select the best bid, you will have the opportunity to close the deal by contacting the driver for final instructions. A lot of people moving look for the best bid so they can save the most money. Other factors to consider are the driver’s rating, provided by previous customers, how many other pickups the driver has along the way and the origination of the driver. Most of the time drivers have a set schedule but may be willing to alter their schedule to include your pick up on their next is a company that solves problems and makes life better for everyone. Through our innovative IT solutions, we are bringing millions of Americans together to share the costs of their move.If you want to pick up and deliver items for others, simply register and complete a profile for drivers.

Share Your Move is a company that solves problems and makes life better for everyone.

Imagine a job where you are the boss, set your own hours, pick your own income earnings and not have to worry about finding customers. If this is your dream job then Share Your Move may become your best friend!

No more having to settle for the prices posted by truck rental companies or moving companies. With, you can accept, counter, decline and negotiate almost everything!