The Knot Dr.

Our laboratory is always researching ways to improve our brushes to ensure that they continue to be of the highest possible quality. Let us know your thought as we always value feedback for product research.

<span> The Knot Dr.</span>

About this Project

We have a team that is innovative, creative, and scientific. Together, we are confident that we have taken an everyday product to the next level, in order to make life easier, save time, and make hair brushing more enjoyable.

The Knot Dr. is in the house. Introducing The Knot Dr. Detangler Hair Brushes, ready to diffuse knots and tangles with perfectly professional ease. The Knot Dr. Pro Brushes are designed for professionals and everyone else that insists on “the best”. Ideal for removing knots and lovingly diffusing detangles without breaking or damaging the hair. Great for all ages and all hair types, whether hair is wet or dry. Many people only have one brush and never stop to consider that there’s a better brush for their specific hair needs. Using the right brush for the right circumstance can mean the difference between breaking your hair or gently removing knots. Effective detangling brushes like The Knot Dr. range allows for easy restoration of natural shine and smoothness of your hair – pain-free!. Once detangled, you also want to make the right brush choice for styling your hair – create shape, volume, and flow. The Knot Dr. brush is designed to hold your hair while drying, allowing for professional-level styling.

We know that you want to be able to get a salon-quality hairstyling at home on a daily basis, but sometimes it’s not always easy to know where to start or what tools you need to get the look you want. Have no fear! We put together an actionable guide on how to create trendy and classic hairstyles at home, including styling and suggested tools and products you should have on hand to get the right look. Enjoy! Whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, a sleek and straight hairstyle looks good on just about everyone. Make sure to lightly apply a shine serum, and dry your hair straight. To style, clip your hair in layers and flat iron your hair, starting with the layer closest to you.You will love the detangled brush and one that will last for years to come. You can’t go wrong with it. We suggest trying out the Knot Dr.because of its long-lasting hold formula that helps create incredible volume.

The Knot Dr.

World’s Best Wet Hair Detangling Brush! With “Flexalite” bristles! No Tears, No Snags, No Clumps, No Tangles!.

Everyone has their own way of caring for their hair, especially since different hair types require certain maintenance tasks. What some don’t realize is that the haircare rituals they have been following for years could lead to damage.

The Knot Dr. Flexalite bristles gently flex and adjust tension loosening snags and knots until it has freed tangles from your hair and flexalite bristles instantly rebound to their original form to restore messy tangly hair to its original beauty.