Flexible appointment booking software meeting the needs of schools, universities and other educational centers and managing and scheduling classes, teaching staff and rooms is nochild’s play.


About this Project

Streamline all your classes, teachers and students: all your data is structured and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Make life easier for your students and offer them a 24/7 booking service. You decide, how many students can attend each class, which permission rights to grant to teachers and assistants, and how far in advance you want to send out email reminders for each class. Students can self-register their place at a class straight from your intranet, website, Facebook Page or any other online platforms you offer. If for any reason you don’t want to take bookings online for a period of time, you can disable the booking feature for your whole team with just one click. No more double bookings. Our app ensures that any new appointments self-scheduled from your customers can be added only when you and your team have availability. Use our service management tool to define which of your services can be booked online, and which can only be booked by you and your staff. Define the lead time for your services, add a buffer to give you set-up time and/or downtime either side of the appointments, and set a cancellation period that suits your institutional needs.

Define working and online booking times for each of your employees. You can temporarily disable online booking for a certain person at any time. Minimise the number of shows by ensuring the people remember when their next scheduling is. You can send out reminder emails anywhere from 1-72 hrs in advance, and in each email, there is a linked member who can go on to cancel their appointment. Do you need to get specific data from each new student or teacher in advance of their scheduled programmes? No problem. With the custom, features you get to design your database, select which fields should be part of your online booking process, and decide which fields are to be mandatory. That way, you can collect the essential information you need, so you can prepare for their schedule accordingly. Do you have multiple service sessions with the same student? If so, there’s no need to add the same information for each booking from scratch. Just copy any of the student’s existing bookings and run it again for all your desired future dates.


Students, teachers and assistants all benefit from the smooth running that a centralised admin and registration process brings.

You can decide which services you want to make available for your students to self register themselves online, how many places there are, and assign a teacher and other resources.

Your students and colleagues will thank you: expect a reduction in costs, and an increase in attendance, thanks to having better communication channels and a streamlined, efficient system!