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Cloud-Based HRM software which means that you can get access your organizational data from anywhere using secure login, allowing business to streamline the administration of employee benefits.

<span>Vyrazu Labs Enterprise Solutions</span>

About this Project

The place where all the organizational reports and details are displayed. The reports include both the counter values and graphical data.You get a section where you can submit your organizational data.

Performance and Appraisal management is always a tedious assignment and involves encumbrances. Our cloud-based HRM Management Software comes with appraisal management and weekly project report submissions. Get access to the advanced graphical report on your dashboard. Enhance organization hierarchy. Access all the information related to your Human Capital anywhere. Automated leaves management, attendance management, payroll management, etc. HRM system is built by considering data privacy in mind so whenever you are saving or retrieving data to and from the server your data is encrypted using 256-bit data encryption technology, which confirms that your data cannot be sniffed by any middleman attack. With more data, comes great responsibility: And yes you are covered.Our system is using the latest cloud system which allows us our system to scale up and down based on server load, we have also implemented load balancers to make our system highly reliable for every situation, so wherever you are or whenever you are accessing the portal it is ready to serve your request.

Putting the right people for the right project is one of the toughest tasks you can find when you are running your business, since calculating the effectiveness of an employee is not just a one day job. So what if you hired a new HR and want to understand which team will be the perfect for your upcoming project. Hmm.. let me think… I think there is no answer since all the knowledge about every individual has also been taken away since your old HR has left the job.That’s why a good HRM system allows you to maintain the strength and weakness of each team member and gives you a great insight into how you can create a better team. If you are a company which is located in a single place or having multiple locations, you need something which we call collaboration i.e people can directly interact with other team members on the go. There are other means available as well. Our HRM allows you to manage motivation by doing constant performance appraisals and by providing them rewards (which I will talk in next section) time to time. Our system allows you to provide them such a task which they love and you can easily see when they have completed it.

Vyrazu Labs Enterprise Solutions

A good HRM system allows you to maintain the strength and weakness of each team member and gives you a great insight.

If you follow the effective method your HR team can work for something which will not include day to day job which includes repeated ones and you can easily increase the performance of your entire team.

Productivity is something which is not related to how much you work, it’s mainly how do you work. If you utilize the tools efficiently you can have healthy life balance between your job and your family.