The possible reasons behind the purchase of Magento by Adobe and how good are the Magento skill sets of Vyrazu Labs

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Mark Lavelle, CEO, Magento wrote in his blog post on 21st May, this year that Adobe was going ahead with its plans to buy Magento. It was for quite some time that Adobe was trying to acquire a commerce platform, so it came as no big surprise to industry watchers when Adobe bought Magento for $1.68 billion.  

What is Magento:

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform which was written in PHP. It is a content management system which uses MySQL and Zend PHP databases. As it is a CMS, one can easily control and manage the content of a website, without going into much technicalities. Users can easily edit text, add and delete images in a web site in real time. Additionally Magento is equipped with search engine optimisation, marketing and catalog management tools. An important feature of Magento is its ability to scale upwards allowing an online store with just a few products to rapidly change into an online shopping mall with thousands of products while using the same platform. 

Why Adobe bought Magneto:    

  • Adobe’s product portfolio was missing commerce when compared with other platform companies. Adobe is in a better position to compete against SAP, Oracle and Salesforce after this acquisition.  
  • Magento Commerce Cloud shall be getting integrated into the Adobe Experience Cloud thus coming up with a single platform which shall globally serve both B2B and B2C customers. 
  • It works out to be better for Adobe to buy an existing solution provider with a loyal customer base rather than building their own software.   
  • It makes perfect business sense for Adobe, its future growth as a provider of large suites shall come from adding new businesses and making them grow. 
  • Magento had of late started making inroads into the enterprise segment. Now Adobe with its huge operational capability can execute plans to tap this segment by selling into the enterprise and then provide enterprise grade support. 
  • Adobe can now position itself as a direct competitor to companies like SAP, Oracle and Salesforce. 

Magento and Vyrazu Labs:

Vyrazu Labs has for long been a solution provider for enterprises using Magento. Magento has been the platform of choice for many of our clients. These projects have been executed from start to finish at our development centre and implemented successfully at client site. A few of our notables clients who have benefitted from our expertise are: forbit, simaaya and alfatec.

Vyrazu Lab’s vision into the future with Magento:

Vyrazu Labs with its bench strength in Magento Cloud is in a formidable position into delivering enterprise solutions for both B2B and B2C customers. This is in line with Adobe’s vision of business growth with Magento. Leveraging the Magento expertise of Vyrazu Labs for customers who want to take advantage of the tool’s scalability and endless plugins is expected to be a driver for incoming revenue in future. These are exciting times to be in as Adobe Experience Cloud shall provide a single platform which will help in reaching diverse customers who need enterprise solutions.