The requirement of HRMS for small and medium enterprises

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Managing and retaining employees in organizations is a challenge that all HR personnel faces irrespective of the size of the organization. If you happen to be involved in such processes you shall have had the first-hand experience of the same by now. It is all the more important if your organization falls in the small and medium enterprise bracket. This leads one to look forward to an automated version of HRMS which shall take care of all HR-related issues of an organization.

What is an HRMS:

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System and is a software program that comprises systems that ensures that an organization’s employee data management is efficiently handled.

You shall surely agree with me that it is important for you to manage payroll, benefits administration, recruitment process, etc in your organization. Also, you shall look forward to doing it in an efficient manner so that you can have access to precise data at any point of time which is stored in a secure manner.

Why is HRMS important for small and medium enterprises:

  • Improvement of the decision making process:

I am sure there have been times when you have had to take decisions which were integral to managing the processes of your organisation. Also, you have been at a loss if the requisite data was not available based on which the decisions had to be taken. Now, you can heave a sigh of relief as an HRMS has all necessary data with the latest updations securely stored which can be used as input for your decision making process. HRMS for small and medium enterprises turns out to be a blessing as it spares the organisations from unnecessary expenditure of precious resources.

  • Improving productivity:

HRMS for small and medium enterprises helps in improving the productivity of these organisations as it spares HR employees from repetitive manual activity and keeps them free in order to attend to other work functions. I am sure you will also agree with me on this count that HR software is itself capable of generating information which employees would need and they need not trouble the HR manager for this. All of these lead to substantial gains on the productivity front.

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  • Improvement of security:

An HR software does make your business processes more secure as it almost nullifies the amount of paperwork and incorporates the latest in technology for your HRMS system. Technological advancements like cloud computing ensures that your system is completely insulated against cyber attacks as it is protected by several firewalls and security layers. Well, you can sleep well at night, knowing fully well that your HRMS for small and medium enterprises is well protected.

  • Automation of attendance records:

One of the hazards which almost all organisations face is the process of managing employee attendance. There have been several advancements in this regard, yet the best way to manage employee attendance is the HRMS. You shall be happy to know that an HRMS has features which can record the attendance of your employees in an accurate manner which reduces the human element from such activities and minimises the chances of errors.

  • Recruitment and onboarding process:

HRMS for small and medium enterprises has a big role to play in the recruitment and onboarding processes. You shall be able to identify areas where there are hiring needs by using the features of your HRMS as it is able to deliver information on areas where hiring for particular skill sets are required. Also, after hiring the process of onboarding shall be greatly streamlined by virtue of your HRMS tool.

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  • Payroll management:

Yes, it does spare a lot of headache for you. HRMS for small and medium enterprises is able to totally take care of the needs of payroll management on your behalf and goes on to do the job in a super efficient manner. The payroll module shall calculate the take home salary of your employee after taking into account all parameters like cost to company, leaves availed, deductions etc.

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  • Benefits administration:        

HRMS for small and medium enterprises have the ability to deliver on areas of benefit administration. Your employee shall not be deprived of his benefits like pension benefits, healthcare etc. These are taken care of by HRMS which allocates the benefits which an employee is entitled to which in turn are dependent on parameters like terms of employment, age etc. Now, just imagine the scene, if you had to do all of these manually and for all employees who happen to be leaving your organisation. Well, you can thank that there was an HRMS which took care of this requirement.               

  • Performance management:

Identifying and rewarding talent is one of the most important functions of HR processes. You might be happy to know that here also HRMS has a role to play. HRMS for small and medium enterprises can calculate the productivity of employees using data which take into account leaves taken, overtime, deliverables etc. These help to calculate the efficiency and productivity of employees following which deserving employees can be recommended for rewards and unproductive employees can be put under performance improvement plans.

Well, by now you do have an idea what role HRMS for small and medium enterprises can play. Also, such a software application which automates all of the above processes and efficiently generates information which helps in the decision making process is bound to increase the overall productivity of an enterprise. This is more applicable for small and medium enterprises because large organisations and MNC’s have more access to resources and funds which is not always the case with small and medium enterprises. I think, you shall be in agreement with me on this.

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