UI and UX which leads to maximizing conversions for your business and the scientific reasons behind it

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The features which attract users to websites and apps are created by using software which belongs to the UI and UX family. There is bound to be a bit of confusion between the functionalities of UI, UX and what value do they add to the application as a whole. Hence it’s better if we first have a brief look at both of them individually in order to better understand the science behind UI or UX. 

User Interface: 

When you develop a user interface you actually create the character of a product. UI creation involves defining the corporate identity, following the latest design standards, selecting colors and ultimately end up giving the product a much better look. There is actually a big element of the science behind UI or UX, but in order to get there, we shall first cover the basics.

As you understand by now, the user interface shall be including all buttons, blocks, controls etc, in short, all the elements of an application. The user interface is a very important part of an application as it is the very first thing that catches the attention of a user.

Also, it is the very thing that decides whether the user shall be staying on the website or will be leaving it. Now, let us have a look at what UX or user experience is as that shall help better understand the science behind UI or UX. 

User experience: 

The interactions which a user has with a product or application are known as “user experience”. In fact, creating a UX or the way a user experience is designed is actually setting the behavior of the product, how it operates and how it meets the needs of the user. 

This means that the UX must be very user-friendly, the user must have a comfortable experience while using the product. Actually a well designed UX is so very detailed and well planned that you will probably not even notice while using the website, so high shall be the comfort level of yours while using it. 

Why UI and UX have to work together:

There are many schools of thought regarding the two entities of UI and UX. We happen to believe that UI and UX are practically inseparable and actually complement each other. This is the reason they are written as UI/UX. In fact, you might be having a great UI but in order for it to be effective, it has to be backed up by real great user experience. 

Do have a look at this blogpost which talks about frameworks that can help in making responsive websites. 

It has been found that websites that have the perfect synergy between their UI and UX functions give the best possible user experience. This is a summation of the experience that a user has while navigating through the application as well as the functionalities which have been included as a part of the application. Web-based applications like these are the ones who are able to attract the maximum eyeballs from users and also hold on to their attention.

As a consequence of this, users have a tendency to stay on to this page which is the main reason behind an increase in the number of successful conversions. Now, these conversions lead to bettering the sales figure which ultimately translates into better ROI for the website owner. So, clearly, as you can see there is a science behind UI or UX which makes the difference between a successful and popular website and not so popular ones. 

The science behind UI or UX: 

Let us now explore a bit about the science behind UI or UX. Near perfect user experience is a summation of principles that come from the backgrounds of design principles and human psychology. The third important part is feedback from users. 

A human brain works with more concentration and less fatigue and also has higher retention capability when the task at hand requires less taxation on his/her memory as compared to a task which is confusing or which requires huge learning to be done. 


This is one of the most important paradigms of the science behind UI or UX creations. 

Our brain focuses on the details which actually solve a problem and not on the details. Just for eg,
while you are reading this line, you are not actually aware of the words above or below it — right? This is because the brain is programmed to focus on the word which is the most relevant at the moment, not in other words. 

Thus the science behind UI or UX ensures that the designs created have elements that are self visible and can be easily identified — say a square, an icon, etc. These help you focus immediately and you don’t need to spend time looking for details. This is the main reason why colors, fonts, orientations, etc are used to put emphasis on the main concepts. 

Hick’s law:

Hick’s law states that the response time of people increases linearly with the number of options available. So, if you have more choices, the harder it will be for you to arrive at a decision. This is cleverly used in UI/UX processes, say you just limit the number of elements in your navigation bar or the hyperlinks on your pages.

By doing so you are actually narrowing the time for your user to reach a conclusion. The same concept can be applied to each page of your application or mobile app, so actually, at every stage, you are helping the user reach where you want him to. That is the science behind UI or UX. 


It has been found that users tend to scan pages in an F-pattern, noticing the first line of a page before scanning the page vertically, till they find something interesting which actually creates an F-pattern. For this reason, the upper-left corner of your web page should have the strongest element, so that it catches the eye. It is for this reason that most companies put their company logo over that spot. 


It is always important that you use icons that are familiar with. As an eg, most mobile apps have a hamburger for navigation. This is because it is easy to remember. So, use icons or elements which have a strong recall value. So, there is a science behind UI or UX after all. 


It is expected that by now, you do have a fair idea about the science behind UI or UX and how carefully these design strategies are planned out. 

We have been very involved in the area of UI/UX development. So, if you happen to have any needs which require developing UI/UX applications, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts shall get in touch with you to develop customized solutions that take care of your needs. 

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