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We craft solutions that solve real-time problems and ensure more ease to life. No industry is left by us in offering tailor-made business solutions. We deploy innovation, automation, industry-best technologies, and expert-minds to craft solutions that encounter real-time problems and bring more ease to life.

Automotive and Mobility

The best technological adoption we can see in the automotive industry. In the last few years, we have seen rapid growth in this industry. Car-sharing and ride-hailing systems are accepted as major growth drivers. It ensures or boosts profitability in future auto markets.

Being an active contributor in the industry of automotive technology, it’s our duty to provide great automotive and mobility solutions. From internal business/organization management apps to logistics apps- we can craft any solution for our clients. We always deploy era-best technology and let experienced experts craft technologically advanced solutions for our clients.

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Taxi Booking App

Every-day commuting is no more a matter of headache with trendy taxi-booking app solutions. The number of taxi booking apps is rising each day. Why?-because it connects business owners with the target audience rightly. And as a result, businesses grow faster than imagination.

You too can run your taxi business in a broader scenario and help more people with less with our advanced taxi-booking app solutions. Our solutions are innovative and a fine blend of the latest technologies, trends, and expertise. In order to know more about the app development processes, prices, and other support, you can reach us at any time.

School and College ERP

Managing A-Z administrative to other management tasks of an educational organization has become a matter of some minutes and clicks with our advanced ERP solutions. We craft solutions that let you do more with less. No matter how big or small the organization and its task is- our dedicated solutions come with the required scalability and make everything smooth as heaven.

Running admission processes to perform proper exam management- our ERP solutions can perform a wide range of tasks that every educational organization needs to perform on a regular basis. We enable automation at the perfect ratio so that our clients can enjoy the new definition of pace.

Sports & Fitness

Over the years Vyrazu Labs has been crafting a wide variety of fitness solutions that help people to stay healthy. Today’s people are more health concerned and prefer to follow a healthy lifestyle. And that’s why fitness specialists are tending towards developing fitness apps and other solutions.

Fitness solutions help all kinds of users at the best level. It keeps users connected and make them follow the right path. In the same way, we develop sports applications and solutions and keep sports enthusiasts connected. In order to build the next celebrity sports and fitness solution, you can reach us at any time. We will love to hear from you.

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Travel and Recreation App Solutions

Planning a tour with close ones or for a corporate meeting, an application can make the task easy and smart. People like to organize their tours with travel agencies these days to save time, effort, and energy. Our skilled and experienced developers can develop an exclusive and customized travel application as per your requirements. People can easily access the features of the application and book their preferred plan.

The attractive and relaxing presentation of the Travel and Recreation App provides the best experience to the users. Our designers not only work hard for designing and developing a refreshing application for the users, but they also maintain the features of the application so that you can experience a flawless service.

On-demand app solutions

The on-demand service industry is growing faster than others and offering a sound profit to active contributors. You too can be an active part of this industry and earn handsomely. How? Just you need to start an on-demand service and make it truly accessible with advanced solutions crafted by Vyrazu Labs.

Our on-demand app solutions are the result of deep research and the use of the best and innovative technologies. We do not prefer to indulge in any kind of mediocre practices that can lower the standard of your business application. For any kind of on-demand app development, you can reach us at any time.

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Education and Knowledge

Being a kid or a master, education, and knowledge through an interesting application can always be exciting. The educational applications have brought a revolutionary change in the traditional pattern of education. Now, millions of users across the globe are getting involved in different education and knowledge-related applications.

We have a team of technical professionals who know how to proceed in designing and developing the best application in education after understanding your detailed requirements. The easy-to-understand features can turn a complex concept into a simple one that the students can learn and keep in mind in long run.

life insurance
Banking and Insurance

The banking and insurance industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Here, the pace is God. If you lack speed, you will be out of the market. And that’s why Vyrazu Labs is ready here with the best banking and insurance solutions. Our services and solutions will help you manage everything well with speed.

We can craft from SaaS to apps for banking and Insurance organizations. No matter how complicated your work process is, we will make it easy, automatic, accurate, and smooth with our advanced and innovative solutions. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of bucks as well as time. We are 24/7 open, you can reach us at any time.


This is another rapidly growing industry that needs robust technological support. The hospitality industry is actually a fine combination of a lot of other industries. It includes lodging, food & drink, theme parks, event planning, transportation, and so on. And you know that all these fields are in need of better management and pace. And we can deliver both via our hospitality solutions.

Our solutions will help you manage both external and internal operations with ease and automation. We craft solutions with the aim of eliminating unnecessary human efforts and adding pace to production. From creating error-free reports to informing stakeholders at the right time, our apps, SaaS, and other solutions will help you at the best level.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a tedious task. In this process, there are a lot of small to big tasks that every organization needs to perform in the right manner. From managing payroll to building a good relationship with stakeholders, the HR department needs to do more with less. But no more you need to do more with less.

Vyrazu Labs is able to craft jaw-dropping solutions that will add a stunning level of automation to your HR management process and the rest of the task will be managed easily. Our HRMS solutions not only adds automation but also eliminates the need for a large HR department. From connecting multiple branches to tracking the performance of each employee- our SaaS can do everything you desire.

Finance and Accounting

You will agree with us that the Finance and Accounting industry is complex. Here, each and every task requires great concentration as well as expertise effort. A little mistake can lead you to a huge loss. And sadly it happens in many finance and accounting organizations. But no more you have to deal with the same melodrama as Vyrazu Labs is ready here with amazing finance and accounting solutions. From managing internal processes to maintaining better relationships with customers, our services and solutions will go some miles extra for that.

While developing solutions for our clients we always put some extra labor to add a desired level of automation. We can eliminate unnecessary human efforts and make the entire process faster than ever.

real estate
Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the fastest-growing industries. And the market is filled with competition. If you are belonging to the same domain and want to pave a strong position in the market, there is no escape from enabling technologically advanced approaches. ERP, CRM, HRM, property apps, and so many other things are available now to back a real estate organization.

Each organization is unique as well as its requirements. No matter how complicated your business process is, we can deliver the best application or software to manage everything well. From advertising available properties on the internet to managing in-organization tasks- our solutions can solve everything perfectly.

food and drink
Food and Beverage

2020’s Food and Beverage industry needs some software solutions to run smoothly. For managing an increased number of customers as well as competition in the market, enabling technologically advanced practices is truly important for a Food and Beverage organization.

Vyrazu Labs can craft solutions that will help a Food and Beverage organization to easily manage inventory and order along with other e-commerce aspects. We can also help you to get a robust CRM solution to establish a better relationship with your customers. In order to keep everything error-free and fast, enabling automation is important. And that we can successfully perform for you.

Health Care

Clinics and healthcare organizations are tending to various healthcare software solutions. They find it super effective for managing a wide range of internal and external tasks. From managing doctor’s appointments with patients to delivering medicines at the receiver’s doorstep- in 2020 software solutions can do everything.

If you need any kind of healthcare software solution or any other technical backing, without any hesitation, you can reach us. We have first-hand experience in developing a wide range of healthcare apps such as online consulting app, medicine delivery app, in-organization management app, HRMS, and so on.

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There Are Many Variation Of Passages

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

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You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

Vyrazu Labs, a global leader in the area of robust digital product development

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA