The story never told before, the reasons for the birth of PAUSA

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Someone very rightly said that “Invention and Innovation have always been out of syllabus”. Such were the reasons behind the birth of PAUSA — an online tool which has been designed and developed to help service providers give better service to their customers. But, let us not get ahead of ourselves, let us first recapitulate what were the circumstances which led to the birth of PAUSA in the first place. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in need of help but there was no one whom you could reach out to. Such a situation is indeed very gloomy and depressing. If you have ever been in such a situation you shall be able to recall the utter helplessness you faced and yet could do nothing about it. The circumstances were almost the same as faced by a close friend of mine sometime back. These sequence of events were in fact responsible for the birth of PAUSA


My friend was scheduled to leave on a pre-planned business trip on the first day of a certain week. Incidentally, it was an important meet for which his business partners and himself had spent almost the entire quarter planning, negotiating and meeting clients. There was much at stake and all concerned parties had to be present at the meet for its successful conclusion. Such was the situation at his residence, with him being busy with his assignments, making last minute preparations for the impending meet.


Sometimes, the best of plans go awry and in his case it did in a real cruel way. We are yet to be in a position where we can control and tame the fury of Mother Nature. The day before he was to leave, a severe cyclone hit the city. This resulted in trees being uprooted, vehicles swerving off the roads, large parts of the city being inundated with water and electrical connections going for a toss. The severity can be gauged from the fact that all incoming and outgoing flights were cancelled, train services were disrupted, life just came to a standstill. The planned business trip was now nowhere near the horizon of visibility. 


Well, this was just the beginning of all his troubles. In the aftermath of the cyclone there was a sudden short circuit at his place following which there was no electricity for sometime and when it was restored the main consumer electrical items in the house were no longer functioning. Repeated calls to the customer care centre were met by automated replies and it was after more than many a call that my friend could ultimately connect to a human voice at the other end who expressed his inability to do anything at that point of time. 

With all his business plans going haywire, there came a situation where there were more important things which needed attention. It was on the second day that a company serviceman dropped by to check on his situation. The situation did not get any better as no immediate solution was possible since it would take some time to source the required spare parts. 

As you can understand, the friend of mine was really stuck. It had been almost one and a half days that the most important household appliances were non-functional at his house. The frustration and anger can only be felt to be understood. If you have ever felt such helplessness then only you can understand the exact feeling. 


It was the next day that the company appointed service person had arrived with all the required spares and it took less than two hours to get all the appliances up and running. Two entire days had passed waiting for a solution which took just two hours to execute. If you were in his position your brain would also be working in overdrive to think of how such situations could be avoided. These flow of thoughts were to later become the driving force behind the birth of PAUSA.