The top 10 Business Analysis tools used by companies all over the world

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Business Analysis tools

Business Analysis is a rapidly developing field, and there are numerous tools accessible in the market to serve the needs of associations. The scope of analytical tools goes from moderately basic statistical tools in spreadsheets to statistical software packages to advanced business intelligence suites. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Business Analysis tools which are commonly used by companies all over the world!

MS Excel

Probably each and every business user has used MS Office suite and MS Excel. Excel is one of the best business analysis tools’ for reporting and dashboarding softwares ever made. For most business activities, regardless of the fact that you run the heavy statistical analysis part on other softwares, you will even now end up using Excel for the reporting and presentation of results. Also, while most people know about its superb reporting and diagramming capacities, Excel can be an effective logical apparatus as well, in the hands of an experienced user. Most recent forms of Excel can deal with tables with up to 1 million lines making it an effective yet adaptable tool.



SAS is the most famous heavyweight of the business analysis tools world and claims to be the biggest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. It is the most commonly used software as a part of the Indian analytics market, regardless of its monopolistic pricing. SAS programming has colossal abilities from information administration to cutting edge examination.

Business Analysis tools


Tableau one of the business analysis tools’ that democratizes visualization in a carefully straightforward and instinctive device. Albeit other alternatives exist, Tableau Public’s million column constrain provides an extraordinary feature for users to utilize and the free trial is more than sufficiently long to get you hooked. In the analytics part, Tableau’s visuals permit you to rapidly research a theory, once-over to verify everything is ok, and simply go investigate the information before setting out on a deceptive factual excursion.


Previously known as GoogleRefine, OpenRefine is an information cleaning programming that helps you get everything prepared for analysis.

Business Analysis tools


Statistica is one of the business analysis tools’ a measurement and examination programming bundle created by StatSoft. It provides data analysis, data management, data mining, and data visualization techniques. Statistica underpins a wide assortment of diagnostic strategies and is fit for addressing most needs of the business users. The GUI is not the most easy-to-use and it might require somewhat more investment to learn than a few other tools, however, it is a competitively priced product, that is certainly worth it!


KNIME is one of the business analysis tools’ that lets you control, analyze, and model data in a unique way, through visual programming. Basically, as opposed to composing squares of code, you drop nodes onto a canvas and drag association points between the activities. All the more imperatively, KNIME can also be used to run R, python, text mining, chemistry data, and so forth, which gives you the choice to fiddle with the more advanced code driven analysis.

Business Analysis tools


A lot similar to KNIME is a business Analysis tool, RapidMiner also works through visual programming and is used for controlling, analyzing, and modeling data.

Business Analysis tools


KXEN is one of only a handful of organizations which is driving automated analysis. Their items, generally taking into account calculations created by the Russian mathematician Vladimir Vapnik, are anything but difficult to use, quick, and can work with a lot of information. A few clients dislike the way that KXEN works like a ‘black box’ and much of the time, it is hard to comprehend and clarify the outcomes of this business analysis tool.

Business Analysis tools

Google Fusion Tables

Google’s Fusion Tables is the cooler, bigger, and much nerdier cousin of its Spreadsheets. This business analysis tool is an adaptable device for information analysis, big data set visualization, and mapping.

Business Analysis tools


NodeXL is a business analysis tool with visualization and analysis software of networks and connections. Think about the huge friendship maps you see that show LinkedIn or Facebook associations. NodeXL takes it just a little bit further by providing exact, accurate figures.

Business Analysis tools