The top SEO trends of 2019 which you should know to scale up your organization

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The area of Search Engine Optimisation has always undergone changes which have been in tune with the way Google makes changes in its search algorithm to rank web pages. Accordingly, SEO professionals have to revisit their SEO strategy time and again in order to adapt to the ongoing changes. If you are involved in the world of SEO, then this article is for you.

The following are the top 5 SEO techniques for 2019. 

Create good content:

Having good content was always an important ingredient of any website hoping to have a good result in SERPs. This was a very effective strategy over a long period of time. 2019 will be no different in terms of really good quality content having a huge influence on search engine results. But mind you, it has to be really good quality content. If you churn out low-quality content on a regular basis do not expect anything other than low rankings in search engine results and this will do nothing for your SEO ambitions. Hence it ranks at the top of the 5 SEO techniques for 2019. 

The algorithm updates which Google made in 2018 made it amply clear that Google was focussed on rewarding sites with exceptionally good quality of content. So, it shall be much better if in 2019 you do a well researched post which gets evenly distributed rather than doing several posts in a month where there are hardly any visitors. You must generate quality content which has the capability to acquire links which in turn shall ensure that it ranks high in search engine results. 

The importance of good content has been highlighted in this blogpost, you can have a look.

In essence, your content should be able to solve a problem, have a well researched answer to people’s query, connect with people and ensure that readers have a learning experience after going through it. If can do it then rest assured your SEO strategy shall be on the winning side. 

Voice Search:

Voice search shall be playing a big role in the coming future. There has been a huge surge in the sale of devices which use artificial intelligence like Google Home, Apple’s Homepod and Amazon’s Alexa. As a result of which more people in their normal area of work are using these devices while doing activities which they would have normally done manually. The coming trend shall be to use these for more detailed activities than just asking to switch off the nightlight. These devices shall be used for searching up things online and such voice enabled searches shall be performed without even using a screen. 

Now, this is an area where you shall have to accordingly tune in your SEO activities. Voice searches will be longer than the searches which are entered through a keyboard. Hence your SEO strategy revolving around voice searches must use keywords which people shall be normally using in conversations. Also they should be in the form of asking a question. If you can structure your content in such a manner that it contains questions which shall be asked of the services / product being offered by you then you shall be adequately prepared for voice search SEO activities.

The need to understand your audience better: 

An important buzzword for SEO activities of 2019 shall be revolving around the “audience” and what does the audience want to hear. Are they looking for text, images, audio or video in response to their queries. The need is to understand this and accordingly give an answer in the medium which the audience expects and too in the most simplest way possible. Needless to say this finds its way in the list of 5 SEO techniques for 2019. 

The role which the audience or user of a website plays shall grow to be an important part of SEO activities of 2019. Accordingly, if your website gives a fulfilling journey to your audience in terms of queries posed and answers given, you are sure to be rewarded by Google and accordingly get a high ranking. 

Link building: 

Link building was and shall always play a decisive role as far as SEO is concerned, even in the year 2019. Link building is important because: 

  • Google takes links to be the most important factor while ranking web pages. 
  • Links point to content which have a great quality. 
  • Links have a characteristic to pass trust from one webpage to another. 
  • Google conveys the fact that it would be near impossible to find websites without any backlinks. 
  • Links pass power from one website to another. 
  • Links help search engines to locate your website. 

For your SEO strategy it is important to note that not only are backlinks important, equally important is the link’s position in the webpage. Links which are found in sidebars and footers are not given as much importance as the links which are found in the middle of a page’s body content. So, your links should appear in the middle of a webpage. In fact link building in itself is so diverse a topic that we shall have a separate discussion on link building sometime in the future. Without doubt, this shall rank as one of the most important points amongst the 5 SEO techniques for 2019. 

Increase EAT signals: 

An important trend for 2019 shall be the need to grow your expertise, authority and trustworthiness or more commonly known as E-A-T signals. For your SEO strategy in 2019 you shall have to re-consider this which in itself is one of the basic building blocks of good SEO practice. It is easily understood that until and unless someone is an authority on some subject, it shall not be possible to write authoritative content on the said subject. Having said that, Google is looking for a certain level of expertise in the content being written to give a just reward. Amongst the  5 SEO techniques for 2019. Increasing EAT signals shall always be important. 

Expertise being a measure of the knowledge of the content creator in creating quality content whereas trustworthiness measures the quality of content creators to display accurate information. 

In brief, websites which display all these three important factors will fare better in search engine rankings when compared to websites which do not possess these qualities. 

Well, I think you do have a brief idea on what you shall have to do in order to prepare your SEO strategy for 2019. By the way, if you are looking for a dedicated team to take care of the SEO activities of your organisation, you can safely get in touch with us for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

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