The untold story of PAUSA — an online service provider

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As you have gone through my earlier post, you are aware by now that my friend was not able to make it to his planned business trip for which he had to suffer badly at his professional front. In case you missed it, click here for the story (LINK TO PREVIOUS BLOG). So, all the months of planning had gone to waste as there was no scope of executing the plans. However, the situation at the home front had improved greatly as things were back to normal. What set him thinking, was that this calamity had surely affected many like him who faced the same situation and were helpless because of the absence of a solution which addressed their needs. We lived in an era where almost everything was available online, so just why could we not have a service provider who provided services which addressed the needs of customers when necessary. Also, the services provided by such a provider should be affordable and efficient. 

Ground Zero:

The requirement was of a system which could take care of the needs of people like my friend by providing the necessary service. This led to some research being done on service providers currently operating in the market as well as the after sales services being provided by companies. The inference drawn was that there was a great scope for an online service provider to operate since the companies could not always come up with the best possible after sales service owing to pressing demands from huge number of customers.

One step at a time:

It made perfect sense to go for a digital system in this age as there were a number of mobile applications which were already in use for their targeted audience. The trick lay in devising a system by which customers can access an online service provider, log in their requests and get the desired service in the most efficient way possible.

Connecting customers and service people:

One big learning from the market study was that majority of the service providers had a customer centric approach. The requirements of the people who provided the service, namely the service providers were not being addressed. It made sense to design and develop a system which targeted the service providing organisations. If the needs of the service providers could be taken care of, that would automatically translate into delivering better services for the customer. Now, the way ahead involved designing the skeletal diagram of the system which connected the three entities, namely the service providing organisations, their service people and the customers.

Digital tool:

The model which was taking shape in the mind of my friend was giving customers the choice of an online service provider where customers can log in their requests through the internet. The service providing organisations step in by accepting the request and sending service people to the customer in order to provide the necessary service.


Once the structure of the online service provider was clear, it became essential to give it a name. As this online service provider is supposed to be a provider of services so the word “SERVICE” had to be present. After many hit and trials, the name PAUSA was finally settled upon which stands for “Provider at your service anytime” and as it shall primarily look into the needs of service providers, so again the word “PROVIDER” had to be present.

The way forward:

As PAUSA is being planned as an online service provider, it can reach its full potential if the functions can be fully automated. Accordingly, it would be a major success if the tool can be designed in such a fashion that when a customer logs in a request, the software of the tool automatically assigns a service person to attend to that particular customer request without the intervention of the service provider. Well, these are only plans at the moment, so let us see how it goes as things take shape.