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Technology has been the main driver for businesses as they seek to align themselves with the latest technologies so as to come up with efficient and effective processes. In fact, this has been the dominant trend all along since technologies are changing at a breakneck speed, and in order to be relevant and adopt the top IT skills organizations are busy restructuring themselves. 

You might have observed that a couple of years back there were some technologies that were put to use by enterprises, but they do not seem visible today. Such is the speed of this change that is being said that it might become a necessity that someday all employees in an organization might have to possess some technical skillset — one way or the other. 

Top IT skills of the future: 

1. App developers: 

The year 2019 is supposed to see the hiring of app developers on an unprecedented high. There are justifiable needs for app developers who see a need in the market and have to design an app accordingly. Also, there are different platforms and devices on which the same app is supposed to work which makes the case that this area shall be one of the top IT skills of the coming future. 

2. UI/UX design: 

This technological space makes it to the top IT skills list as there is an ever-growing need for designers who shall be designing interfaces for websites and web apps. Also, as the demand for apps and websites is not going to come down anytime soon but going to grow in the coming future, so professionals who are proficient in designing user interfaces and giving good user experience shall always be in demand. 

3. Web Development: 

The need for expert developers who are into designing software for web and other platforms will not diminish. You shall be needing skilled professionals who shall design, install, test and maintain appropriate applications on the web for the business operations of organizations. So, yes it shall be on the list of the top IT skills of the future. 

4. Internet of Things: 

The Internet of Things refers to a network of devices that are connected to each other through the internet and can communicate with each other. This makes it to the top IT skills list as more organizations are heavily investing in the IoT space to better the user experience of consumers. 

5. Blockchain developers

The introduction, development, and acceptance of the blockchain technology amongst different business units of different domains has ensured that there is a huge need of blockchain developers for which it makes it to the top IT skills of the coming future. The professionals in this area shall be experts at distributed ledger system, interoperability, blockchain security, and blockchain architecture. 

6. SEO/SEM Marketing: 

The area of digital marketing is in high demand as organizations are looking for skilled professionals who have the necessary tech skill sets on SEO/SME Marketing. The main reason is that search engine optimization leads to more site visits which means more conversions which translate into revenue for the organization. If you happen to be one of those who are data-minded, then this may be the best fit case for you. You can leverage your SEO skills and ultimately build a brand. For this reason, it makes to the shortlist of top IT skills of the future. 

7. Machine learning:

Machine learning is related to artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers are software programmers who can build systems by using Artificial Intelligence. These systems, in turn, apply information and knowledge acquired to use for business functions. Machine learning shall be having a very high demand in the future as top organizations have embraced Artificial Intelligence wholeheartedly. Hence this shall be amongst the top IT skills of the future and an area of huge investment by organizations. 

8. AR / VR professional:

This is a niche area and shall surely rank amongst the top IT skills in the coming times. This space has been an area of activity since 2013. Computer vision professionals develop advanced computer vision and analytics which help in locating, categorizing and keeping track of objects. 

So, just to enlighten you, the area of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality shall be seeing huge traction in the coming years and as self-driving cars are just a reality, the demand for such professionals is going to grow exponentially. 

9. Security Analyst: 

Since cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated the emergence of equally sophisticated tools has emerged to counter them. This has led to the growth of cybersecurity experts who have the necessary technical acumen to manage these processes. Also, with time this area shall be in high growth mode as more and more organizations scale up their IT security infrastructure. Surely, one of the top IT skills of the future. 

10. Cloud engineer: 

The Cloud is an area of intense activity these days as more and more systems of business organizations are being shifted to the cloud. In fact, some businesses are opting for a hybrid approach by having an arrangement with multiple vendors at the same time. As a result, the emergence of cloud engineers as an in-demand workforce makes it all the more necessary to include it in the list of top IT skills of the future. 

A look at a blogpost which covers the benchmarks to be followed by tech companies.

Well, by now you do have an idea of the top technical areas which shall be having traction in the future. Also, as an organization, we have been very active in software development concerning these areas. So, if there is any requirement for which you need skilled developers in these areas please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts shall be getting in touch with you and devise solutions designed to suit your needs. 

Please let me know your feedback and suggestions if any from your end which shall make this engagement more interactive. Also, do let us know if there is any topic that interests you so that we can cover it over here. Shall be looking forward to your views.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

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