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Businesses need to implement software systems in their business processes in order to make regular operations more effective and efficient. One can approach this way in two ways. The first is to go for software solutions that are provided by your in-house team of software professionals while the second is to ask software vendors to get types of software development services that take care of your customized needs.

Types of software development services we are outsourcing:

Our organization has consistently been identified as a provider of software development services that involved the latest technologies. The customer bases were industries and business organizations that fell in the small, medium, and large scale corporate houses. The methodology followed was the process of software development services outsourcing and we ended up taking charge of software projects which included software development services, implementation, and providing technical support services.

Small scale business:

Before we go further, we need to know what a small scale business is. Well, small scale businesses are either retail shops or services or small manufacturing units, as eg medical stores, bakeries, grocery stores, etc. You can know more details here. These businesses are typically suited to operate on a small scale in order to serve a small community of people and at the end of the day be profitable for the proprietors. 

Software development services outsourcing as practiced by small scale business:

As software has touched almost all sectors of business, irrespective of the size, so even small scale businesses have not been deprived of the benefits of adopting necessary software processes in order to make their business processes more effective.

As small scale businesses do not have access to huge funds the way to implement software processes in their organization is by software development services outsourcing. Their entire software developmental needs are taken care of by organizations that are basically software development services providers and engaged in the business of software development outsourcing.  

Software development services for small scale business: 

We have been engaged in the software development services for small scale business for quite some time and have been a preferred software development outsourcing partner for many small scale businesses.

So, if you happen to run a medical establishment, it is for sure that you would be needing a customized website that shall take care of your needs. We have been proficient in the area of website development and shall be able to come up with customized websites which take care of your need.

If you happen to run a medical establishment and need a web app that helps your customers connect to you directly, we can help you out by developing Android applications for your special needs. If you happen to run establishments like a spa, or a retail shop, or a small manufacturing unit that makes chimneys or are the most famous baker in town, we can serve your needs by devising

WordPress themed web-based application or develop custom software that manages your inventory, or maybe develop an E-commerce application form where your customers can do the necessary shopping.

It becomes necessary to mention here that as we are in the business of software development services outsourcing, we specialize in converting your workflow to digitized applications. So, we shall be able to map the requirements which are characteristic of your business establishment and come up with software solutions in the following areas:

  • Providing high-end-user interfaces and user experience to your website.
  • Develop dynamic websites using PHP.  
  • Ensure that your brand gets the proper brand value through social media.


Also, along with software development services outsourcing, we have successfully developed an online solution for service providers which has been named PAUSA which stands for Provider at your service anytime.

It is necessary to mention here that it is an online tool with a difference. In general, the online tools which offer services are geared towards providing services for customers where would-be customers can log in and avail of services like plumbing, laundry services, etc.

But PAUSA was a bit different as it was designed to take care of the needs of service providers. So, it is basically the perfect fit for people like you who are in a position to offer services and need a platform to advertise your services.

All you have to do is to log in to the system and list the services which you shall be offering. The customers who shall be needing your services shall be getting in touch with you and through the same tool itself, you shall be contacting the service person who shall contact the customer and provide the necessary services.

By the way, you don’t even have to move from your chair while this entire exercise is done. Wonderful isn’t it? Well, now businesses are of different sizes and also they cover a wide variety of domains. As a result of which, the needs of the businesses and their solutions differ. This is the reason for which software vendors specialize in developing domain-oriented business solutions that cater to businesses of a certain type.

Talking of size, it is important to know what the term medium-sized business stands for. Talking in the Indian context, the definition of a medium-scale enterprise in the manufacturing sector is actually based on the amount of capital that is invested in plant and machinery.

If the investment made is more than Rs 50 million but less than Rs 100 million, then such units are categorized in the medium-scale enterprise range.

This picture changes a bit in the services sector. Business units in the services sector can be classified as belonging to the medium scale sector if the investment made is more than Rs 20 million but less than Rs 50 million. So, as you can very well see, there is a marked difference between small scale businesses and organizations which fall in the medium-scale range.

Accordingly, there is a huge difference in the budget which is available for medium scale enterprises as compared to small scale industries. This is in itself a very major factor that influences the process of mapping client requirements into developing workable software solutions which help in adding value to their operational processes.

This leads to making solutions more scalable and robust and adding features that would not have been possible had the same solutions been devised for organizations that work on a smaller scale. Coming to the corporation, the difference between a company and a corporation is strictly on technical terms.

A corporation is a legal entity created by individuals, stockholders, or shareholders with the purpose of operating for profit ( Source ). So, corporates are not classified as per size or the investments made. A corporate may belong to the small scale category while there might be another corporate that falls in the medium scale category.

Hence, there cannot be any specified model of developing software solutions for organizations just because it is corporate. Rather the software development outsourcing model is based on whether it falls in the small or medium-scale range while developing software solutions for them.

Software development services outsourcing for medium scale enterprises

Here, we shall have a brief look into the types of software development services which are essential for medium scale enterprises. Also, how medium scale enterprises can approach us with their software development outsourcing needs as many medium scale business establishments are our present customers. The types of software development services which are very essential for medium scale businesses are:

1. Customer relationship management:

CRM software permits businesses to manage and automate business processes such that there is very efficient management of the relationship between your customer and yourself. It is very helpful in responding to and resolving queries of clients. We can take care of your software development services outsourcing needs in the CRM space as we have developed precise CRM solutions for our existing clients.

2. HR software:

Medium-scale enterprises need efficient HR software in order to take care of their HR needs. This automates all the processes of the HR function and if there is such need on your part, you can safely approach us for your software development outsourcing requirements in this area as we are the proud developers of an HR software called HRMS and we can also develop customized HR software for your specialized needs.

3. iPhone app development:

It may be such that you need specialized apps that are a part of the Apple universe. We would like to enlighten you here that we are developers of bespoke solutions for iPhone, iPad, and apple-watch apps.

So, you can count on us for being the point of contact for your software development services outsourcing needs if you want anything in this area. Also, if you are into the area of app development, we can help you in optimizing its position in the app store by virtue of our app store optimization services.

4. ERP development:

It is always advisable to have customized ERP solutions that take care of all the enterprise needs of your organization. We are developers of customized ERP solutions and you can get in touch with us for your software development outsourcing needs if it concerns developing customized ERP solutions for your organization.

5. Upcoming technologies:

This shall be applicable if it so happens that you work in the areas of niche upcoming technologies and need precise solutions in the latest technologies. As we work with the latest technologies and have developed solutions for clients using them, we should be the preferred destination of your software development outsourcing needs for your requirements in the following areas:         

We have been consistent developers of online properties that have been operational in the area of E-commerce. Also, as we have taken charge of the search engine optimization responsibilities of the online establishments developed by us, you can rely on us for your software development outsourcing needs in this segment.

6. Content Management Systems:

Well, there is no doubt that content management systems have made the process of designing, developing, and maintaining websites much easier. Also, it is true that the needs of the business may require developing applications for clients using popular content management systems. We have faced requests from our existing clients who insisted on a specific type of CMS.

This led us to develop our expertise in Joomla and Drupal. This had a cascading effect on the relationships we had with our existing clients and we got repeat orders from them for developing applications that needed the use of these two technologies. So, for your software development outsourcing needs involving the usage of these two technologies, you can easily rely on us.

7. Additional areas of work:

It is important to mention here that there are some technical areas we have regularly worked upon. But there might not be a common thread between them. Irrespective of this, it is important for you to note that we also offer software development services for our domestic and international clients in the following areas of technology and for your software development outsourcing needs in the following areas you can surely get in touch with us:

It may be so that these areas of technology are unrelated but it is better to be bought to your notice that for your software development services outsourcing needs in the above areas you can definitely get in touch with us. All you have to do is to contact us a FREE CONSULTATION and our developmental team will get in touch and guide you in developing customized solutions for your specific needs.

Well, it has been quite a detailed piece but it is better you know of all the areas for which you can get in touch with us for your software development outsourcing needs. Also, do have a look at this blogpost which talks in detail about the history of software development outsourcing and how it grew to become what it has become today.

Please drop your comments/feedback, if any which shall make this interaction more interactive.

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