use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign

The use of social media to boost and supercharge business marketing has been becoming more and more common nowadays. Whether it involves having a Facebook page or Twitter account for your organization or even a Youtube channel, social media is one of the key mediums of promoting yourself, and most organizations are doing so each day.

Now among these social media platforms, the most professional one, created specifically for jobs and business-related needs is LinkedIn, being 277% more effective in generating leads compared to Facebook and Twitter. Used by over 135 million business professionals from all over the world, LinkedIn is mostly focused on Business-to-Business connections, and so, you should use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign as a social strategy.    se

So how exactly can you use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign?

1. Use LinkedIn to build your Business: use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign   

LinkedIn is an extremely useful business tool that can help you develop and boost your company. You could use the following tips to best utilize it and get results:

a) Get a Branded LinkedIn Address

Upon creating a LinkedIn profile, you just get a LinkedIn Web address that looks like a bunch of haphazard letters. However, LinkedIn lets you edit and customize this to create a personalized, LinkedIn address with your brand name. This gives you your own, exclusive identity, which is a big plus, since people have more confidence in a brand with a unique, established identity. hence using LinkedIn for your marketing campaign is not a bad idea.

b) Become a Trusted Expert

You should be highly active and interactive on LinkedIn, as the more questions you answer accurately in the forums, the more your rating increases. You should also regularly and sincerely participate in the group discussions for using LinkedIn for your marketing campaign, which will give you the chance to be known and seen by other members as an expert and a highly reliable professional.

c) Get introduced to potential Sales Prospects

Someone who’s in sales can use LinkedIn like a ‘warm calling’ tool. If you have a prospect whom you want to contact, you will almost always find them on LinkedIn, and can then see your connections with them. Anyone who has an active number of LinkedIn connections will usually find that he’s just two or three connections away from the prospect for effectively utilizing LinkedIn for your marketing campaign. You can then ask any one of your connections for an introduction, using LinkedIn’s introduction features.

d) Find highly skilled Employees

Most successful businessmen are constantly on the lookout for valuable and dedicated employees who can almost guarantee their worth. LinkedIn makes it extremely easy to discover them. You’ll have access to a large number of highly skilled people within your LinkedIn circles. You can even post about your company on LinkedIn and use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign, and state that you’re hiring, to attract a vast number of skilled applicants.

e) Keep updating your Connections

The moment you meet someone new, you should connect with them on LinkedIn. This is a highly effective way of increasing your influence and also keep your connections updated about your achievements. Plus, the more and more people you know on LinkedIn, the more endorsements and recommendations you can get from them for using LinkedIn for your marketing campaign.   or your marketing campaign

2. Utilize LinkedIn’s Community Features: use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign

Aside from your profile, LinkedIn also has several Community Features which  let you interact with and join other LinkedIn users, such as: inkedIn for your marketing campaign

a) LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups keep you updated and let you stay in touch with like-minded people who share your interests. You can even create your own LinkedIn groups or join others which focus on your own interests, like using LinkedIn for your marketing campaign. Taking part in LinkedIn Groups by increasing the value of the discussions is one of the best ways to improve your reputation and influence.

b) LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is an incredible way to impart business knowledge and interact with like-minded associates. You can ask important questions and get quick, precise answers from your circle of connections and other experts from around the world. Also, you can showcase your insight, aptitude, and hobbies by replying to others’ questions.

c) Company Pages

Company Pages are extremely effective research tools using which you can discover other companies to work with or research about your competitors. Furthermore, you can make a Page for your own organization to showcase your skills and expertise. You can even put up your organization’s description, where you’re located, and your Website address. To promote your company page’s quality, you can post the jobs it deals with, enrollment recordings, information about its products, the services offered, as well as company pictures.   e

3. Strengthen your LinkedIn Profile: use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign

Your LinkedIn profile is like a supercharged interactive resume. Apart from details about your work experience and training, LinkedIn lets you upgrade your profile with these Web 2.0 features to showcase your skills and expertise:   e

a) Post Status-Updates

One of easiest ways of letting your connections know about your happenings is by posting ‘status updates’, which are brief statements which might be useful for your connections. Similarly, they can also include links to relevant content on your Website or third-party Websites when you use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign. If you want to appear to be highly active in the LinkedIn community, you should post helpful and important updates regularly.

b) Display Blog Posts

LinkedIn lets you easily integrate your Blog posts into your profile. When you publish a post on your blog site, your LinkedIn profile will also be updated with your posts name, brief description, and the link to the actual post as well, letting you use LinkedIn for your marketing campaign.

c) PowerPoint Presentations

Any PowerPoint presentations that you post on SlideShare or Google Docs can also be displayed on your LinkedIn profile. Audio-Visual media automatically grabs more attention from viewers of your profile, as compared to basic textual data.

d) Events

Whether you are the speaker at an event or you’re funding and hosting a workshop, you can create a LinkedIn Event which will help promote it and garner interest from your connections and other members. Whether people who view it on LinkedIn actually attend the event or not, you will have let people know about it.

e) Tweets

If you are active on Twitter, you can also combine your LinkedIn status updates with your tweets in order to keep your connections updated. Regular tweets and updates are a great way to keep people aware of you.

f) Recommendations

It is quite easy to request recommendations from your connections on LinkedIn. A number of positive recommendations which highlight your expertise, skills, and experience is going to greatly improve and enhance your profile.

g) LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn Polls are market research tools which let you gather valuable data information from your connections as well as the rest of your followers and other members of LinkedIn.

h) Original Portfolios

If you have a really attractive portfolio that you want to showcase, you can post it to the Behance Network. After it is posted, you can display it, showcasing your work and skills, on your profile.

So what are you waiting for? Log into LinkedIn right now, create your account, and get started! Also, find out how you can best use Twitter for your marketing campaign!

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA