How can you use Twitter for your marketing campaign to promote your company?

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With hundreds of millions of users, and over 500 million Tweets daily, Twitter has rapidly become popular as one of the top social media platforms of all. People flock to the website to connect with people, share pictures, quotes, videos and basically everything that catches their attention. Along with the Hashtag feature, Twitter has become one of the largest platforms where the latest news and other happenings in the world go viral, commonly called “Trending”.


But did you know that Twitter, apart from fun and social interaction, can also be used to promote your business? We’ll show you how!


1. Have an excellent Twitter bio

You need to make sure that your company’s identity and what it stands for are well branded. This means that you need to have a bio that describes who you are, and has a link to your company’s website or a specialized landing page. It should be informative, showcasing your skills and expertise, as well as give the viewers an introductory idea of what your company is about.

use Twitter for your marketing campaign

2. Interact with the experts and most influential users regularly

You can easily use Twitter to search for like-minded business people, clients, and experts using keywords relevant to your industry. Once you’ve found them, you should make a list of the top most influential people among them, ranked accordingly, and then follow and interact with them regularly. Journalists, potential customers, popular bloggers, potential partners, etc. should be interacted with daily, in a casual and helpful manner, instead of being promotional. This will help you build a relationship with them and eventually, might provide excellent opportunities to collaborate with them as well.


3. Get people you know to interact

As with social media, the easiest way to gain popularity is to ask friends and family to follow your page, and regularly tweet, retweet, and talk about it. And since it’s people you know, they would automatically be eager to help you with your endeavor by regularly promoting and publicizing you as much as they can. You should get your employees to follow it as well, as the more the number of followers, the more they can popularize it.

use Twitter for your marketing campaign

4. Tweet regularly, without fail

Regular Tweets will make your profile look like an active, responsive profile that people can get to know more and more new things from, everyday. If instead, you just Tweet once a week, or twice in a week and then forget to do so for the next week, people will forget about you, or become disinterested. You need to keep yourself relevant, and on people’s minds as much as possible. So you need to make sure that you set up a schedule, and post daily, and the content is relevant, interesting, and engaging to your followers.


5. Ask followers for help

There is no shame in asking your followers to retweet or tweet the things you share. This will help you reach even more people all over the world, since the entire social media is interconnected. When they share or retweet things from your page, their own followers get to see them as well, and so on. This is an extremely useful way of getting more and more popularity.

use Twitter for your marketing campaign

6. Track your presence

You should definitely try to keep up with who’s talking about you, when, where, and what’s being said about you. By knowing about who tweeted or retweeted your posts, and what they wrote, you can find out what appeals to your followers, and keep improving the content you share to cater more and more to their preferences. Additionally, responding to them, as a comment, or a personal message, also endears you personally to your followers.


7. Follow trending hashtags

You should always keep up with the latest trending news or hashtags which go viral, as these can be some of the best ways to garner even more popularity. Since these are at that moment the most popular topics that everyone is talking about, tweeting on these topics at that time lets your Tweet be retweeted or shared by millions of people who are aware of the news.

use Twitter for your marketing campaign

8. Offer discounts and special deals

You can run Twitter contests like “The next 100 people to retweet me will get 50% off coupons” to gain a huge amount of popularity, as in most cases, even if you’re known to just a few people, eventually, through their Tweets and retweets, a lot more than 100 retweets of your posts will have happened. And the discounts and coupons have the ability to rake in even more potential followers.


9. Use images and videos

Videos and images get a lot more likes, retweets and favourites from viewers, compared to plain, textual posts. People are always looking for something interesting and interactive, so making a post with a short video in it, or a number of attractive photos is definitely going to get it noticed a lot more than just a regular Tweet. And if you happen to be able to make your own videos, it’s even better, since those can be used to make people aware of your brand, as well as get more views!

use Twitter for your marketing campaign

10. Use Promoted Tweets

Using promoted Tweets is a must, as it helps target more specific customers and defines exactly who you’re trying to reach. However, you should make sure they run for a fixed, limited period of time, and that they’re not spammy, or annoying, by providing actual information that people will be interested to read, rather than clickbait them with catchy images and headings.


11. Integrate Twitter with your other platforms

In order to have a seamless setup which encourages people to know more about you, your Twitter account needs to work in collaboration with your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. You need to let your E-Mail subscribers and Facebook followers know about any offers, contests, or updates you post on Twitter as well!

use Twitter for your marketing campaign

12. Utilize Twitter Analytics

You should use Twitter’s native analytics feature daily, to find out what is grabbing more attention of your followers, and what’s not that popular with them. Using the analytics dashboard, you can quickly find out which days were your best, the kind of content which is more popular with your followers, and the demographics of the followers that you’re attracting. This will help you replicate the things that are working well for you, and analyze the things which aren’t to make them better!


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