Characteristics of IOT switch — a new venture from Vyrazu Labs, an IT Product company as it forges ahead in the world of Internet of Things

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The International Telecommunication Union has given the following definition of Internet of Things as: ‘‘A global infrastructure for the Information Society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on, existing and evolving, interoperable information and communication technologies’’ 

An Internet of Things technology stack comprises three main layers: 

  • The device layer
  • The connectivity layer
  • The IOT cloud layer 

The device layer :

In the device layer or the IOT hardware specific layer, sensors are added to existing core hardware components. The software takes care of the functional aspect by making the hardware and consequently equipment operate as desired. 

The connectivity layer:

The connectivity layer has certain protocols which ensure that the equipment is able to communicate with the cloud. 

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The IOT cloud layer:

In the IOT cloud layer, there are communication and management softwares which help the devices communicate with and manage all the interconnected elements. An application platform helps execute the Internet of Things applications.

In reality, making an interconnected product actually involves numerous software and hardware components working seamlessly across layers of IOT technologies. In the Internet of Things world almost anything can be connected and can communicate with other systems using standard procedures and protocols.

The Internet of Things in daily life:

Any device that has a On and Off switch can be connected to the internet and in turn to other devices. This can include simple household items like cellphones, washing machines, coffee makers etc and can extend to things of industrial use like a jet plane. According to the projections of Gartner, there will be over 26 billion connected devices by the year 2020. It shall be a giant network of connections existing between people and devices.

Practical implications:

Let us consider the following possibilities of IOT:

  • Systems driven by data shall help create smart cities which shall make it easier for government agencies to carry out waste management, law enforcement activities efficiently.
  • Intelligent transport systems can help regulate traffic flow, ensure reduction of fuel consumption.
  • On a more personal level your intelligent home system can cool your home, close the windows and carry out such activities without your intervention.

Vyrazu Labs delivers IOT product: 

Vyrazu Labs, an IT product company ventured into the world of IOT by coming up with an application that can turn on and shut down household appliances like Television, Air Conditioners, Electric lamps etc. The process is initiated through a mobile application which is connected via the internet. Selection of an option activates a unit which is physically located elsewhere, is wi fi enabled and connected via the internet. This unit then performs the physical tasks of turning on the electric lamp, shutting down the Television etc. 

As this is a new line of business and Vyrazu Labs has been a pioneer in this area, the company expects a steady growth of revenue in the coming quarters. Watch this space.