How things change for online merchants and Vyrazu Labs after Adobe’s acquisition of Magento

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Adobe, for the first time, made an acquisition in the e-commerce space with the recent acquisition of Magento for a tidy sum of $1.68 billion. Adobe already has Experience Cloud which is a cloud platform for marketing solutions in the digital world. It is but natural that Magento became a part of this cloud platform which brings together the deep reach of Adobe and the functionalities of Magento. In the short and long run, Adobe’s acquisition of Magento is sure to bring a lot of positives to both the partners who have joined in the union.   

Probable reasons for Adobe’s acquisition of Magento:

    • Adobe has for some time been scouting for a player in the commerce space.


    • Adobe’s strategy was to take head on the competitors in this domain namely Salesforce, SAP and Oracle.


    • To enter this space Adobe could either develop its own product or purchase an existing product. A cost-benefit analysis showed it made more sense to go for outright purchase.


    • Magento had a huge customer base in the SMB segment which shall automatically come under Adobe’s umbrella after the acquisition.


  • Magento has associations with a number of solution partners who regularly make positive contributions to the platform while taking charge of different fields like security, support etc.

Changes expected after Adobe’s acquisition of Magento:

    • Magento will remain open source. It may happen that in order to tap into the corporate segment Adobe aggressively promotes its enterprise version.


    • Magento will grow at a rapid scale, both in terms of new partners who form collaborations and scalability.


    • Those who own a Magento online store shall have access to new technologies and functionalities in their system.


    • Association with Adobe shall result in more companies choosing Magento over other platforms.


    • The coming together of Adobe and Magento shall in due course lessen the weaknesses inherent in their respective software. 


    • Jointly, they can take care of all the necessities of sales and marketing in the online space. 


  • Adobe becomes the leader in e-commerce after the acquisition of the most popular e-commerce platform in the world.

Association of Magento and Vyrazu Labs: 

Vyrazu Labs, a company operating in IT product development and services has executed successful projects for clients using the Magento platform. Simaaya, an online store for a successful brand was developed using Magento. Another project executed by us using the Magento platform has been Forbit which is an online shopping place where one can purchase everything, starting from the latest smartphones to furniture and stationery. Alfatec was another client of ours whose project we successfully completed using Magento. This is an online store which supplies general office products,  consumables and electronic office equipment to companies and individuals throughout the UK.

Impact of Adobe’s acquisition of Magento on Vyrazu Labs:

As Magento open source is here to stay, it is a wonderful opportunity for Vyrazu Labs. Having gained requisite expertise after successful execution of key projects, the future appears brighter after Adobe’s acquisition of Magento. Not only shall we have access to Magento like before, but it shall also be additionally advantageous to have world leader Adobe behind it. The new combination is sure to iron out the existing issues and also shall create new systems which shall take the e-commerce architecture to an entirely new level. We are highly optimistic that this shall only help in passing on the benefits to our loyal customers.    

Get in touch:

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