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Google has introduced a revolution to the entire WWW. Now it is the no. 1 platform with a strong Cloud partner platform. Now it aims to offer different and useful tools in order to properly help developers build and launch scalable mobile and web applications. There are other cloud-based app engines to use, but Google app engine and Google app engine features have just won the heart of developers!

Almost 3 years ago, I came in contact with this platform and I fell in love with it. If you are a developer and trying to build your applications, first of all, what comes into mind is whether my application will be scalable or not. Since a good application gathers users and if you have users you need more resources so scalability comes into the action.

Before taking a deep dive, I am introducing the Google app engine in my own words so that I can better explain all the related points later and you can reconnect them. 

What is the Google app engine? 

Google app engine is one of the most powerful platforms that can be used for both hosting and development. It empowers mobile and web applications to the next level. Small to giant- every development project can get required support from this stunning platform. In a more technical tone, we can say that the Google app is basically a PaaS cloud computing platform and properly uses inbuilt services to successfully run your apps. It gives you the freedom to start working just after downloading the SDK. after signing the cloud account, you can develop an application via-

  • Maven within Java
  • HTML package within Go
  • Cloud AQL within PHP
  • Webapp2 and Jinja within Python 

Here I am explaining some of the points which make this platform better than any other application out there.

Who can get the best benefit from the Google App Engine?

If you are an entrepreneur, Congratulations you are one among those who can get the best benefit from the Google App Engine. Creating a software solution in order to satisfy the business needs by own or someone else ( software companies) is an okay-okay solution. But you need to spend more when it comes to scaling up your application to match the new needs. This pain point has been finely recognized by Google and with the help of this app engine, scaling up web-based applications without lowering the performance quality and quantity is now super easy. 

Features of Google app engine

Supported languages and Runtime- This app engine allows you to easily use multiple languages such as Python, PHP, or Go when it comes to writing an app’s engine application. Even you can test as well as deploy an application locally with your downloaded SDK.

Advanced features- we will get the feature details under the engine’s service agreement and depreciation policy. If any changes take place to the features, it will be implemented properly as it is fully backward supported. Changes like data storage, process management, retrieval, search, configuration, and management can take place sometimes. 

Features in preview- we can expect that in the recent future days, features such as Cloud storage library, Mapreduce, and sockets can take place. But the implementation process can differ as these are in preview. Such preview features such as Cloud storage, Mapreduce, sockets and so on can comprise. ( To know more hit this link- https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/standard/#preview_features)

Features on Experiment- features that are on the experiment may not be hugely available in app engine releases. There is a chance of change in the implementation ways in backward-incompatible ways. Those features are mentioned as ‘trusted tester’ and only some selected user groups can use that after completing a different sign-up procedure. The list of experimental features contains App stats Analytics, MapReduce, Restore/Backup/DataStore admin. Task, Queue Tagging, OAuth, Page Speed, and so on.

Third-party services- developers can take the help of helper libraries and documentation from the third-party platform in order to enhance the app’s capabilities. These partnerships with third-parties can bring special offers to users. 

Benefits of using Google App Engine

Object-oriented datastore support- In Google App Engine we don’t have the RDBMS support as we have been for the past several years. Instead, this platform provides us support for datastore which helps us to save data into the form of an object. This provides us enormous support when we try to search for data or scale our application in case of any need.

Multiple Language support in the same platform– Initially when I started with this platform, it was supporting only two languages namely, Java and Python.

But now this platform provides support for four languages:

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Go

Here, for Java and Python and GO you get support to save your data for free using datastore but if you are using PHP as a development language, you need to enroll yourself for Google Cloud storage.

Strong and secure framework- GAE is popular because it is capable of offering one of the most strong as well as secure frameworks in comparison with other app engines. It is a rare thing that it would allow any unauthorized access to its servers. Your app’s availability is also ensured as the engine offers stunning privacy and security policies. 

Fast marketing option- You know that in order to get brand awareness and sales, marketing is mandatory now. And GAE helps you to do fast as well as smart marketing. It helps developers to build apps with quality features, offer PaaS support, functional data storage, Cloud SQL, and so on. 

It’s easy and smart to start- here you will not need to invest in any product or hardware and maintain. You will just prototype and deploy the app to your target users in no-time. Along with this, I can say that GAE also incorporates the required tools that you will need to build an app, test, launch, and update. 

Offers a quality set of APIs and services- the Google App engine comes with quality built-in APIs and services that help the developers to create robust and feature-rich applications. Some of these features are-

  • Google cloud storage
  • SSL support
  • Page speed services
  • Easy access to the application log
  • Blobstore to serve large data objects
  • User API, URL Fetch API, Channel API, File API
  • Google Cloud endpoint and so on

Saves a lot of costs- No longer you need to hire engineers to properly manage your servers. GAE will take care of that part. You can use that saved money on other business areas to grow more. 

Independent platform- You can easily move all your data to another platform without facing any kind of difficulty. Here you will not face that much dependency on the app engine platform. 

Impressive scalability- Google App engine runs on the same hardware architecture in which Google is itself running (said by app engine team). So whenever your application starts getting more traffic, the app engine provides more resources to the system so that it can handle those traffic.

Also, since it runs on the same architecture, it follows the distributed system architecture. Thus, your application becomes distributed on multiple servers and load balancing is easily managed.

Superior reliability and performance- It is one of the leading platforms around the globe. It has set a new benchmark based on its products, services, and performance. So, when it comes to the Google App Engine’s performance and reliability, I will say that here we will get the same standard of reliability as well as performance. 

Special support for developers- Google App Engine is free to use for up to 15GB of data and it provides a lot of opportunities to developers who can start with high-class resources and a highly scalable system that runs in the cloud. So if you are a developer and in search of a good platform Hurry UP !!!


Google App Engine gives you the desired freedom, security as well as reliability when you are heading to develop a web application. I would like to say during the concluding time that app engine apps are really easy to create, maintain, and scale up according to increased traffic and data storage needs. When there is app engine support you do not need to pay a lot of bucks for large server spaces and maintenance. All you need to do is you just need to upload your app and it will be ready to serve hot to your users. And the rest will be perfectly taken care of by Google Cloud. 

If you are a company that wants to build an application in Google App Engine infrastructure, you can contact us for development or a free consultation.

Here in this article, I have given you, overall basic knowledge about what Google App Engine is and how it can help developers do miracles. If you have more questions or different views, you can share that in our comment box. We will be happy to read see some words from you!

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