What is the difference between “Add to wishlist” and “Save for later”, why do you need them and how can you use them?

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The world of E-commerce has opened up opportunities for online shopping which allows users to perform their shopping activities while on the move or within the comforts of their homes. In order to offer users a complete shopping cart experience and reduce the scope of abandoning their shopping midway, online merchants have come up with ways which reduce the scope of shopping cart abandonment on E-commerce sites. “Add to wishlist” and “Save for later” are two such ways which help reduce shopping cart abandonment and give an user a complete shopping cart experience.

What is Wishlist:

The Wishlist feature allows users to store an item in his cart which he may purchase later after he returns to the E-commerce website. This helps in saving his time, as he need not search for the product when he revisits the site. Also, if an user does not want to purchase the product of his choice right at that moment, he can use this functionality. It may be that he has placed it on his wishlist and shall wait for the moment when discounts are given in order to complete the purchase.

This feature also allows a person to mail his friends or relatives mentioning the details of the product and the options for making the purchase. Wishlist, as a whole increases the ease of use factor of an E-commerce site and helps in giving a complete shopping cart experience to a user.

What is “Save for later”:

“Save for later” is an option which is offered to customers so that they can save items from an online store to purchase at a later date. It might be such that he might not be able to purchase an item at a particular point of time. Such an item shall be added to a “Save for later” list and placed below the cart. These items shall be ready for purchase at a later date or also can be removed when required.

Both these features have been incorporated in order to give users a complete shopping cart experience.

Why you need them?

  • If you are planning to start any discount on the products of your store then you can send email offer to the customers who happen to have the same product on their “wishlist” or have it in their “Save for later” option.
  • You can create discounts based on the data gathered from the “Add to wishlist” and “Save for later” reports.
  • You can use demographic reports to target the customer for up sell and cross sell.

Necessity of “Add to wishlist” and “Save for later” :

These options are designed to give customers a complete shopping cart experience and help in reducing shopping cart abandonment by customers.


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