aws vs azure vs google cloud

There are many cloud service providers who provide cloud-based services for organizations these days. The crux of the issue boils down to which to choose and which to leave as almost all the leading cloud service providers are software organizations who are leaders in their own right.

Also, the quality of services being provided by them shall be helping your organizational needs. So, now how do you make the decision on whom to choose and whom to leave. In order to arrive at a judgment, we need to take a detailed look at the leading cloud-based service providers: AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud and what they have to offer.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Well, the leading public cloud service providers of the day are AWS from Amazon, Azure being backed by Microsoft and Google Cloud which has the giant Google behind it. Now, before you jump to any conclusion, let me tell you that each of these has its own set of unique selling points and you need to choose the one which very appropriately serves the needs of your organisation.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Amazon web services:

The comparison aws vs azure vs google cloud can only be made after you have gone through the characteristics of each in details. So, let us start with AWS.

Amazon web services are by far the leader as far as public cloud services are concerned. It has on offer nearly all the feature which a public cloud service provider is expected to offer. You can gain easy access to data storage, computing power or any requirements required for app developers. Additionally, you can access their tools which can be used for development, management, application development and mobile services.

Technically speaking, The Elastic Compute Cloud feature of AWS is the core which provides Amazon’s compute services. This shall allow you to configure virtual machines using custom or pre-configured AMIs. You have the scope to choose the power, size, memory capacity and number of virtual machines and additionally choose amongst different regions and available zones from where to launch.

As associated reading, you can go through this piece by CNBC which displays the recent performance of Amazon’s cloud business.

Advantages of AWS:

AWS is the leader of the pack and has years of experience to back up for the services it has to offer.

Disadvantages of AWS:

The biggest drawback of AWS is its pricing. Many organisations are at a loss as to map its requirements with the cost structure of the services provided by AWS and also how to manage its operations effectively when a high volume of its operations is dependent on the services of AWS.

As, you have formed a picture of things to come, this comparison on aws vs azure vs google cloud will be incomplete if we do not have a look at the characteristics of the other two service providers.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Microsoft Azure

Azure, backed by Microsoft offers a wide range of solutions which a developer shall be needing in order to develop his application. You shall be happy to know that within minutes of accessing its cloud services, you shall be able to process, compute at whatever capacity. Azure will let you deploy and manage virtual machines as per your requirement. Additionally, if your application needs to run large scale parallel batch computing, you shall be able to do it also. So, from an enterprise point of view it offers all the power and capacity you need for your existing systems.

If you use the services of Azure, you shall be using a virtual hard disk which is similar to Amazon’s AMI in order to create a virtual machine. This VHD can be either predefined by Microsoft or by yourself. All you have to do is to specify the number of cores and amount of memory.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure:

Synergy with existing Microsoft applications which has been deployed in the cloud for users to access. Also, you shall be eligible for discounts if you are an existing Microsoft enterprise customer.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Azure:

Since Microsoft has for long been an enterprise vendor, for some reason many Azure customers feel that the services could have been better. The main causes of concern being technical support and documentation issues.

Well, the future of cloud computing is bound to grow at a rapid pace. Just have a look at this piece as we move on with our discussion on the comparative study of aws vs azure vs google cloud.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Cloud

Google does offer lesser services than its competitors, but that is made up by the quality of services on offer. Google’s area of strength is in offering containers, as it developed the Kubernetes standard which AWS and Azure have started offering. It specialises in areas like Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning. Additionally, on offer is scalability and load balancing.

If you are a mobile app developer, The App Engine Product is sure to interest you. Using this, you shall be able to create applications without having to deal with the server. In fact it is a managed solution by which you can develop your own applications in an agile manner. Also, you can perform high level computing, networking, database activities with Google Cloud Platform.

Advantages of Google Cloud:

Google Cloud has been primarily developed for cloud-native businesses and offers deep discounts and flexible contracts for customers like you.

Disadvantages of Google Cloud:

The main disadvantage of the Google Cloud platform remains that it has been a late entrant to the IaaS market and has fewer features and services as compared to AWS and Azure.

Well, more on the same topic under discussion has been mentioned here in this blogpost. Also, now you have a fair idea of the aws vs azure vs google cloud comparison with the advantages and disadvantages of each, you can go ahead and make a decision on the one which best suits the needs of your enterprise.

At our organisation, we have been users of cloud based services as one of our leading software product is hosted on a cloud. So, we know first hand, the advantages of using cloud based services. Also, developing HR software for organisations remains an area of core competency. So kindly get in touch with us if you have any requirement in this area. Our team of experts shall be glad to develop HR solutions which are customised to take care of your needs.

Lastly, do give me your feedback on how you liked going through this article and if there are topics which you would like to be taken up for discussion here. Shall be waiting for inputs from your end.

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