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The introduction of technology has been re-shaping every sector of our society. And the educational section is not an exception now. We are living in the age of the internet so we have to learn as well as teach tomorrow’s skills. We have also seen that in the earlier days, higher education has some boundaries for common people- one is money and the next one is geographical boundaries. Now with the help of technologies, we can overcome both of these. Now education is more accessible as well as affordable. When it comes to technological contribution in today’s education sector, we cannot simply deny the benefits of educational app development. 

The educational app development can bring the entire world of knowledge inside the study room. When it comes to search the nearby Pizza store, we can use an app and get what we are in search of. Then why not a learner can get the knowledge he/she has been in search of via mobile apps. Thanks to technology and mobile app developers around the globe, before thinking about such kind of matter, they have provided us the best quality educational apps for students via their extensive educational app development process. 

How educational mobile apps are shaping today’s education sector and what are the benefits of educational app development? We are going to discuss everything in the below section, so stay tuned-

1. More interaction-

You may have seen that a lot of parents complain that their children cannot properly interact in the classroom. Generally, this kind of situation takes place when the learner is a kid or the learner is not getting a comfortable atmosphere.

After some days or months, this phase gets over and the learner starts to become more active and do more interaction. But in the case of education apps, kids and learners get a comfortable atmosphere from the very first step. Even it has been noticed that children do better interaction with their parents when they are using an educational app. You know that when it comes to learning something, interaction is the main key. Interaction helps to learn new things as well as clear doubts without facing any kind of hesitation. Via educational app development, you can boost the interaction power of lots of learners.

2. Smart learning techniques-

Now technology and innovation are everywhere rather we can say that these are integral parts of modern life. We have already said that there’s no sector left where these have not taken place yet. When surroundings are filled with technology and innovation, continuing the old learning processes is boring. Even today’s children are smart and they easily get comfortable with the technologies. Then why let them deal with the boring educational regime! Through educational app development for students, you can let children learn new things in different ways.

An app can create educational games, puzzles, and other entertaining tasks to let children learn in an easy and fun-filled atmosphere. According to research, these apps and techniques stimulate brain cells in order to properly metabolize the input to set free a new perspective.

Typical text-based learning is not the only solution to teach something new to your children today. They can learn new things in new ways without feeling boring at all. Apart from this, humans can better understand things when those appear in the video, image, animation, and other attractive formats. It gives children a real-time idea of new things and as a result, they understand fast.

3. Better parent-teacher communication-

Everyone is busy now. It is sad but true. Parents are getting busier day by day. Now mother and father both work to secure the lives of their children. So, as a result, they have very little time in their hand to do frequent parent-teacher meetings. It has been seen that a lot of parents cannot join the parent-teacher meeting physically due to their tough work schedule. But with the help of educational mobile apps, this communication gap can be easily solved.

No matter where all the parents are, all the teachers and parents can join virtually to discuss the well being of their children. So, there’s no traveling, no leaves, or no waiting for the parents. Along with this, it will also help today’s teachers to more focus on their students and update the parents about the improvement of the students from time to time. In the case of an instant parent-teacher meeting or for an announcement, a mobile app can help both parents and teachers. Now they do not need to drive miles to have a face to face meeting.

4. Proper online resources-

The internet is filled with resources. Now knowledge really does not have any limit. With the help of the internet and dynamic educational app development, now a learner can get a world of resources to study a specific topic. Learners will be able to see a topic from a different angle. With the help of educational apps for students, learners can access a compendium of ebooks, pdfs, and other study material within minutes. The learning regime was never this much knowledge-rich before. But thanks to educational app development for creating such wide opportunity for all the learners irrespective of age and gender around the globe.

5. 24/7 availability-

You know that physical schools open and close at specific times. If you can reach within the time, you can learn something otherwise you have to miss that class. But with the educational apps for students, the scenario is completely different. Now a learner does not need to cover a kilometer within 10 minutes to attend a class. With the help of educational app development, your bedroom, drawing room, balcony, roof, or any other comfortable space can be your classroom. And students can meet the teachers via video calls.

Educational app development aims to relaxed learning for all learners and there is no time limitation. Generally, most modern educational mobile apps are child-friendly. So, all they need to do is just reach the device when they want to learn something or attend a video class. They can easily operate all these apps without putting in much effort. Schools are there for children for a specific time period in a day but educational apps are available 24/7.

6. Systemic learning-

Many people get confused between two things- smart learning and systematic learning. Both are not the same thing. But with the help of educational app development, you can enable two benefits equally.

Apps are designed to tempt learners not only for learning but also for systematic learning. The entire process in an education app arranged in a systematic way. And learners easily go with the flow without even realizing it. It has been seen that due to some problems attending a physical class becomes hectic for a student and as a result, he/she misses a lot of topic as well as chapters. But if there is an educational app, there’s no such challenge for a student. Educational app development is simply making the entire learning regime effortless and spontaneous.

7. Portability-

Generally, educational apps support all modern mobile phones. So, no matter the target audiences are using iOS phones or Androids, they can easily download as well as install those educational apps and start learning. So, now education is anytime and anywhere. Now we can also say that learning is not limited to the classrooms alone. A student can learn a thing on the park bench or on the drawing-room sofa, anywhere he/she finds comfort to learn something.

8. Entertainment-

Studies say that educational apps for students promote entertainment. Now children can learn something in a super playful manner. According to modern teachers, learning is no more a passive activity rather now it is active with apps. Nowadays learners do not need to read long paragraphs to understand a simple fact.

Now lessons have become like games. So, learners are learning something in a sporty manner. So, we can say that with the help of educational apps for students, now education is no more boring. Now education is like games and learners learn in a playful manner. Without any doubt, education is now free-from boring class lectures and weighty text-books.

These are the top 8 benefits that we can mainly get from educational apps for students. With the days, the demand for educational app development is also getting increased. The educational apps are the third-most downloaded apps today.

The global app market is also increasing to a jaw-dropping level. So, if you are planning to invest in educational app development, that’s a pretty profitable investment idea, I must say. Before you invest in any app development, mainly educational app development, you should know the types first. Below, we are going to discuss the popular types of educational apps to give a better idea. So, let’s start-

  • Multipurpose learning apps- Multipurpose learning apps generally do not limit themselves to only one subject, course, or one scientific sphere. Here a learner will be able to easily find as well as enroll in any course without any obstacle. Here age, gender, geographic address, and language should not be bars to learn something new and interesting. So, if you are planning in such a kind of educational app development, then you can get sure that you will get a lot of audiences. There is no age bar or anything else that can stop a learner to enroll for the course. So, you will get users all over the globe. Here you will get chances to get more users in comparison with other educational apps. 
  • Subject oriented learning apps- From learning a new language to learn more about a particular topic, everything is possible. Subject oriented learning apps are getting popular day by day. When it comes to collecting resources, this kind of seems the true savior. On the other hand, people who learn from their own interest without enrolling in a strict education course, they also prefer to use this kind of educational mobile apps. 
  • Supportive or resourceful app- This is another popular app type that we see today. Generally, this kind of educational mobile apps does not teach a student directly. But helps to learn a subject. The main aim of these educational apps for students is to add more ease to the education process. This kind of apps generally guides how to solve some mathematical problems step by step or help to correct the grammar mistake. 
  • Educational game apps- Studying a topic or a subject is without any doubt a good option. But the interactive study process is something we call better. The usage of educational game apps is increasing day by day in every education stage. I mean from toddlers to scholars- now everyone is preferring to having such kinds of apps. Educational game apps are getting popular simply because they are successful to train the brain in a gamified environment. In this process, the learners do not feel any kind of knowledge load yet learn a lot of new things in a playful manner. 
  • Learning management apps- Generally, schools and universities are taking the help of these educational mobile apps. These educational apps for students simply help to better communicate and support the formalities of the educational organization. Nowadays, educational organizations are taking the help of these educational mobile apps for personal communication and schedules, proper attendance control, assignment submission, grading, and so on. So, if you are planning to build such kind of apps, having a connection with schools and universities is mandatory. It will help you to get a more precise idea about the features or opinions they want in an educational app. 
  • Apps for preschoolers and toddlers- Yes there are educational mobile apps for those little hearts too! You may be aware of this fact that the brain of a toddler works differently than a child who is ready to attend a school. Generally, toddlers have a short attention span and comprehending abilities. These abilities are in the early development phase. There are a lot of educational mobile apps for toddlers and preschoolers. Those apps teach these little hearts in a playful as well as attractive manner. And these apps do not add any kind of burden to the toddlers’ brains. Just like the multipurpose learning apps, here you will get more audience. A lot of parents prefer to use this kind of apps to teach something new to their toddlers and preschoolers so that they can be ready enough to attend a school.

12 Vital features for educational apps for students

So, till now we have discussed the benefits, scope, and types of today’s educational mobile apps. If you are interested to invest in educational app development, having a glance at the common features is important. Based on the type of educational apps for students the feature set can differ. Yet there will be some common features that all the educational apps for students should have. Below, we are going to discuss all the features that you should consider while educational app development:-

1. Sign-up/Login and Registration-

You know that for any kind of app development, this is the first stage or a mandatory feature. We can accept this stage as a type of enrollment also. In order to have an account in the educational apps for students, this is the first stage that all the learners need to go through. Based on the target audience and type of the app, you should fix the sign-up and registration process. Along with this, you should also consider that this feature or stage should not be critical otherwise the comfort of the learners will be compromised at the very first stage. So, you need to make this stage easy but you should also consider security.

2. Personalized profile-

After sign-up/ login and registration, now it comes to the dashboard that every learner should get. It will help both the university or school and the students. Just by entering the roll or section number or something similar, students can take the entry and customize their profile. They can add profile pictures, class, section, hobby, and other required stuff in an attractive manner. The entire process will be more interactive as well as supportive. With the help of a personalized profile option, students will be also able to store their assignments and access whenever they need it.

3. Interactive content-

When it comes to teaching children and preschoolers with the help of educational mobile apps, the content needs to be interactive. You know that students of these age groups are mainly moody and can easily lose their interests from the topic, you are trying to teach them. So, you need to make the content eye-catching as well as interactive. A lot of app developers fail here.

They create a super functional educational app yet fail to generate the desired review as they simply skip to make the content eye-catching for the learners. We can say that if your target audience group is below 12 years, you can add more vibrant colors, cartoon characters and so many other childish things to make the app appealing to your target audience.

4. Powerful database-

This is one of the most important technical points that you must consider. The app data and the educational data both will be stored on the server. So, now you can understand that you have to manage a very secure data management system. The data management system needs to work efficiently and deliver accurate results within glimpses.

Apart from this, expert educational app developers suggest updating the content on a regular basis otherwise the existing one is going to create solid boredom. Videos, facts, figures, and statistics should be entered there on a regular basis in order to create a solid knowledge hub in a super attractive manner. The app users will know that there will be something new for them when they will visit your educational app. In order to retain the audience base, considering this factor is truly important.

5. Live tutorials-

We have seen that a lot of educational apps simply miss this stunning feature and cannot uncover all the growth potentials. Just having an app is not the ultimate solution. Learners should get a tutor to learn new things or clear a doubt whenever they want. Along with the tutorial videos, enabling the live tutorial feature will be beneficial for both students and educational organizations. And you will also get more active users on a regular basis. It will also give students the scope of live interaction with the tutor. In this way, they can clear the doubt of a specific topic within minutes without searching for resources for hours. 

6. Mock test options-

You know that test or examination is an integral part of learning and growing. So, the educational app should also have the same opportunity for its users. Generally, popular educational apps have a topic or chapter wise mock test facilities. And some apps also let users upload their questions to get answers from the teachers.

7. Offline mode-

It has been noticed that the internet connection is not available for all the students 24/7. So, you have to offer something in the offline mode too so that students can continue their learning. In this way, you will be able to get users even when there is no internet connection. According to app market experts, this feature will directly help you to get more user base in comparison with the apps that can be accessed only via the internet connection.

8. Push notification-

Push notification is the common cup of tea of almost every app out there. And there’s no difference when it comes to educational apps. Generally, push notification ensures the return of a user to the app. By providing small as well as interesting short messages you can keep users active on your app for a longer span of time. It is basically a smart way of reminding the users that they have something to check.

9. Gamification-

It is a very common fact that children love to play various games. And you have to implement the same theory while developing an educational mobile app. In this way, you will let children learn new things or practice lessons in a completely playful manner. Experts say that there are many studies that prove children can learn more through games and fun experiments. And that’s why enabling gamification will be a solid reason to get downloaded by more and more users. It will also help you to make all your users stay for a longer time span on your app in comparison with the educational apps that do not include the gamification.

10. Social media integration-

Based on the target audience, you can integrate social media platforms. Generally, parents do not like their children to be active on social media platforms. But if your target audience or users are adults, you can easily integrate various social media platforms. This will be a win-win situation for both the app development company and the users.

11. Search-

If your educational app contains a lot of ebooks or data, you should add a search feature. Exploring all data to get the desired one will be a hectic scenario. In order to improve user experience, you should add a search feature so that a user can get instantly what he/she is in search of. 

12. Both audio and video streaming-

apart from the live class, you should enable audio and video streaming features. In this way, students will be able to find a video class and rewatch it to better understand the lesson. This feature will be very helpful for all the students out there. Rewatching or re-listening will help them to clear their doubts automatically and they will better understand the entire fact.

How much does it cost to make an educational app?

Well, answering a particular amount is not possible. But we can give you a solid idea that will help you to calculate the amount that you need to spend on educational app development. The cost of an education app mainly depends on the functionalities and features of the app. If you are going to add world-class features and functionalities, obviously you have to pay a lot of bucks. But there’s a trick to lowering the price. And that is developers or an app development company over the sea where the currency rate is below than your country’s currency rate.

A lot of companies have been following this trick and saving a lot of bucks over the app development and related tasks. For instance, we can say that if you are living in the USA, you have to pay $100-$200 per hour in order to make an educational app. But if you work with an Indian Company like Vyrazu labs, you have to pay $30-$80 per hour. And that’s a really cheap as well as a quality option for you. Indian developers are renowned and India has strengthened its IT field over recent years. So, in order to get quality work at a lower rate, there will be no better option than choosing an Indian app development company.  


We have covered a lot of areas now we are going to conclude. The app development success depends on the expertise and capabilities of the app development company you are going to choose. So, when it comes to choosing an app development company, you should do thorough research. Before selecting anyone, you should check their ratings and reviews. You can ask work samples in order to understand the quality of their service. 

So, do proper research, select the best company, and develop the best educational app with tomorrow’s skill!

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