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Now streamlining workflow, increasing productivity, and enhancing the customer experience has become matters of some minutes with our advanced Enterprise Mobile Application development services.

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Offering the best mobile experiences is the new key to win! And Vyrazu Labs is making that possible via Enterprise Mobile Application Development:

Enterprise Mobile application development

Vyrazu Labs well designs and crafts custom enterprise mobile applications that completely transform your business experience. We craft solutions after analyzing your enterprise requirements and company-related functionality. We are able to offer app development services across platforms and devices along with secure integrations with any type of corporate system you prefer.

Enterprise Application Mobilization

We let our clients go far with less! We are able to finely extend the reach of your existing corporate products and transform web and desktop enterprise solutions to match with the present trend and requirement. We do true enhancement of the existing application instead of just porting the application to mobile. We improve functionality as well as UX to make it a true enterprise-level solution.

Mobile Application Upgrade

We can transform your current mobile experience with our mobile application up-gradation services. We upgrade and optimize legacy enterprise mobile apps, solve usability issues and improve performance, implement best functionalities, migrate to new platforms, and create outstanding user experience to keep all app approaches up to date and beneficial.

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Enterprise Mobile Application Development Approaches

We set out the best approaches that finely match the requirements of our clients. It is the era to get more than what you actually invest. And we follow the same thing. We always try to offer more. Offering versatile solutions actually help both we and our clients to grow together and faster.

  • Custom mobile app solutions
    Every business is unique along with its requirements. Vyrazu Labs does not believe in a one-size-fits-all type of solution. And that’s why we craft only what you require. Our custom enterprise mobile application development improve efficiency, offer high scalability, secure app data, integrate your existing practices, and improve customer relationships.
  • Integrated mobile developer services
    Our integrated mobile developer service approach includes mobile as part of an integrated and cloud-native application development structure. Under this amazing approach, we can use a set of reusable mobile services across platforms and apps. Instead of taking the pain of adding another dev platform, the enterprise/client will be able to extend their existing ones for mobile use cases.

A Complete Enterprise Mobile Solution

Enterprise mobile application development offered by Vyrazu Labs with care well equip your employees, partners, and customers for better collaboration and connection. With us, managing corporate data and operations is possible anytime & anywhere

Mobile Enterprise operations

We offer enterprise mobile application development to empower your enterprise processes. We enable automation and mobility so that each and every process can get completed fast with success. Before crafting any solution for your enterprise, we study corporate security policies and other important practices of your enterprise.

Our crafted solutions include:

Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration is the key! And we make collaboration easier than ever with our Enterprise Mobile Application Development services! We make solutions that let you collaborate with your internal teams, customers, partners, and suppliers effortlessly. Our solutions instantly boost collaborative capabilities, corporate social functionality, and access to the aggregated information.

Our mobile collaboration solutions include:

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Productivity boosting solutions

In the era of automation and digitalization, if your business approaches are not modern (mobile) enough, you are going to suffer due to the lack of productivity. We craft mobile solutions that can boost the productivity of your employees. They will be able to access your digital work environment from anywhere they want and at any time.

We provide:

Mobile Dashboard

Vyrazu labs crafts mobile dashboard solutions that take the business practices to the next level. Dashboards crafted by us deliver insights to employees and stakeholders. Insights include individual and corporate performance metrics, KPI charts, employee performance, and satisfaction level, financial metrics, individually adjusted data analysis, and so on.

Our crafted solutions include:

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The latest mobile technologies our app builders use


We always pick the latest and best technologies to offer you the industry-best services and solutions.


  • Language – Objective C / Swift
  • Framework –Cocoa Touch
  • IDE – XCode

We prefer to work with the languages that offer prominent benefits to our clients and save both time and money.


  • Language – Java based Android SDK
  • IDE – Android Studio
  • RetroFit & Dagger

We only work with those databases that simply wipe off the hassle of managing business data for our clients.


  • Language – Java based Android SDK
  • IDE – Android Studio
  • RetroFit & Dagger

We never fail to choose the right IDE and as a result, we remain always able to offer you the best productivity.


  • Language – Java based Android SDK
  • IDE – Android Studio
  • RetroFit & Dagger

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Make your business popular and enjoy increased sales with our excellent mobile app development service.

Rich Skills

Our workforce is rich with expert professionals with quality skills in various fields. Different professionals with different skills and knowledge have turned our workforce into a deeper pool of talent!

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Programming languages

When it comes to offering the best enterprise mobile application solutions, we can’t simply rely on one or two languages. In order to craft the best solutions, a development company requires experts with the knowledge and working experience with various programming languages. And hopefully, Vyrazu Labs is rich with developers who have knowledge and experience with multiple programming languages.

There is another thing to say now that really sets us apart from the average development companies. And that is our research capability. We do deeper research on each and every trend and technology so that we can offer you the best solutions and make all our approaches future-proof.

Experience with frameworks

You can stay relax that no newbie is going to handle your projects! We only let those developers work for our clients who have sound knowledge in the same domain. It is really a pleasing fact that frameworks really eliminate the pain of repetitive code. The right set of framework really helps us to save a lot of time and money.

Our developers are well versed with the latest and best frameworks. They choose frameworks that can really make a difference for you. After analyzing all your development requirements and business goals, our developers decide on the right framework and let you enjoy the desired perks.

Full-stack development

When it comes to managing a business from all angles, we simply can’t deny the advantage of full-stack development. Vyrazu Labs is ready with amazing full-stack developers who simultaneously develop and maintain client and server-side software solutions.

Keeping both ends (front end and back end) super functional is important. And for that, you do not need to roam here and there as Vyrazu Labs provides complete full-stack development solutions. When we are around, you can concentrate on your business fully and we will take care of such technical aspects for you.

Fundamental concepts and norms

Understanding all fundamental concepts and norms is important to craft the best solution for you. We cannot go really far just by working on the requirements you have mentioned. In order to go far and understand better your business requirements and goals, we need to do deeper research. And our research process includes a proper understanding of the concepts and norms such as MVC architecture, responsive design, working experience with high-level programming languages.

In this process, we decide which technologies or practices are going to make real differences for you. And once we are done with understanding these factors, we start the actual development task.

Frequently asked questions

Let the FAQ section clear all your queries. Still have some, don’t hesitate to ask us directly.

An enterprise mobile application is basically a solution that a specific business uses to rightly facilitate work processes and establish cost and time efficiency. In other words, we can say that it is an advanced practice of creating and deploying scalable, portable, and trusted mobile applications for particular businesses. These applications help businesses to easily engage with customers, employees, and partners.

It’s very easy with Vyrazu Labs. You just need to share your idea via our quote form and we will get back to you soon. We will analyze your idea, requirements, goals, and the market and then decide the solution and get back to you. After proper discussion, we will finalize the solution and start the work.

We start any project by signing an NDA- Non-Disclosure Agreement. We guarantee the best security of your shared information for the development of the project. The NDA ensures legal security. Apart from this, we use password-protected tools and devices, secure internet connections, physical protections, and so many other things that ensure the best security for your shared details.

The process is extremely easy. We have 4 flexible hiring models such as dedicated team model, fixed price model, on-site team model, and hourly priced model. You can choose any model and start your project. You should choose the model according to the requirements of your project. If you find it hard to decide the best model for your project, our consultation team will help you in choosing the best one.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

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You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

Vyrazu Labs, a global leader in the area of robust digital product development

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA